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The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 15, 2017
The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men

The Kamasutra has become the reference guide for a multitude of positions that will ensure we have great pleasure during sex. And while everyone has their sexual preferences, if you are looking for the most pleasurable Kamasutra positions for men, here you will find those that offer deep penetration, a good view of the woman's body and the best friction between the penis and the vagina. If you want to know which ones are men's favorites, don't miss the out on this oneHOWTO article.

  1. Doggy style
  2. The surprise
  3. Deep penetration
  4. Reverse cowgirl
  5. Trapeze
  6. The screw
  7. The acrobats

Doggy style

Speaking of the most pleasureable Kamasutra sex positions for men, we can't miss out "Wild Rage", more popularly known as "doggy style". He has full control over penetration and the pleasure is immense. It allows him to feel the girl's bum and thigh muscle movements on his penis. Also from this position, he can also provide clitoral and anal stimulation, not to mention alternating between vaginal and anal sex if you both want to. Overall, this approach promises wild and primitive sex, as its Kamasutra name suggests.

The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men - Doggy style

The surprise

Another variation of "Doggy Style" found in the Kamasutra is "The Surprise". Here, the man also enters the woman from behind as she drops forward to rest her hands on the ground or onto any other available surface such as some furniture. This position offers both deep vaginal penetration as well as anal. From here, he has a very good view and because of the position that the girl is in, the vagina is tighter which generates enormous pleasure for both partners, as it creates more friction.

The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men - The surprise

Deep penetration

One of the best face to face sexual positions for the man is "Deep penetration" and it is also a favorite for women. As its name suggests, it offers deep and very pleasurable penetration, and is also ideal for G-spot stimulation. It is an excellent alternative for men with a small penis or an average size.

The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men - Deep penetration

Reverse cowgirl

In the sexual position "Reverse Cowgirl" the man is completely at the girl's mercy, enjoying the pace of penetration that she sets and he can hold her waist to feel the movement of her bum, or make the most of this position to treat her to some anal stimulation. Besides being very pleasurable for men, this is one of the best Kamasutra positions for couples who wish to delay ejaculation, and it's good if he has a large penis.

The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men - Reverse cowgirl


When it comes to the more risky positions and those that are more pleasurable for men, "The Trapeze" is one of their top choices. It allows for very deep penetration and both of you to enjoy much more intense and passionate sex. The woman relaxes as he enters her body from a new angle. It is best to increase the force and intensity gradually.

The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men - Trapeze

The screw

The position known as "The Screw" is one of the most pleasurable for both of you, but it is also a man's favourite. The reason for this is because it offers a lot of friction and full intimate physical contact during penetration. In addition, the clitoris is stimulated in each thrust, so it is great for arousing the woman helping her to reach orgasm.

The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men - The screw

The acrobats

"The Acrobats", although it requires physical fitness and flexibility, it's a Kamasutra position that can leave your man speechless, because while he's lying on his back he can feel the girl on top of him and on his erection and controlling penetration herself , which is something that gives him limitless pleasure. It's also easy for him to stimulate the breasts and clitoris from this position.

The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men - The acrobats

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The Most Pleasurable Kamasutra Positions for Men