How to Masturbate a Guy

By Mary Smith. Updated: July 24, 2017
How to Masturbate a Guy

In sex, it is exploration which allows us to reach points of pleasure that were difficult to imagine before. And for men, there is nothing more prized than a good round of sex games to enhance orgasm. Among them there is a tool that rarely fails, and can be done manually or orally. So at oneHOWTO we give you some tips so you know how to masturbate your guy.

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The importance of the stimulus

It is wrong to think that men are only interested in penetration, they enjoy foreplay just as much as women. Therefore , you should not overlook masturbation, as this will help him climax in a greater and more intense way.The first thing you need to take into account is that there are several ways to masturbate a man- manually (handjob), orally (blowjob) and maybe even using a specific sex toy.

The penis, masturbation central

It is clear that the penis is attacheddirectly to the idea of masturbation, and that is where much of the focus is. But the point is to know how to get the balance right between manual ,oral and rhythmic stimulation.

One of the most important things we need to take into account when masturbating the penis, is that you should always use rhythmic movements and to hold the penis with a firm grip but without using too much pressure.

A forgotten area

One area that is forgotten by many is the testicles, whose proper handling generates immense pleasure for a man. During oral sex, gently caress and play with his testicles or lick them during manual masturbation. It will drive him crazy.Another forgotten area that can get your guy into the mood is the glans, as it is the part of the penis that has more nervous terminations. Try softly caressing it and giving it soft licks too.

Variety is the spice of life...

In order to masturbate a man well, it is important that you alternate between the genital area and other areas. For example, kiss your partner on the mouth, neck, chest, and then continue masturbating. Try going from extremely hot to calmer episodes, a good technique to make the sexual encounter a thrilling experience. You may find it helpful to read one of our articles to discover the male erogenous zones.

How to Masturbate a Guy - Variety is the spice of life...

Tips and tricks to masturbate a man

If you want to know how to masturbate a man like he's never experienced before, remember to implement these following tips:

  • Build up slowly

Create heat and tension by taking your time to set the mood. Don't grab his crotchinstantly.Gradually kiss, massage andpassionately touch him while he is stillfully dressed.When the mood has changed and your partner is heating up, now is the time to unzip his trousers and utilize your skills!

  • Don't grip too tightly

Remember a penis is a sensitive organ that should notbe manhandledaggressively. Don't grab it toogentlynor too firm either. After stroking his penis and teasing him, you can start moving your hand up and down in a rhythmic motion.

  • Find the right pace

We recommend you startslowly and then build up speed when he is nearing climax.Having said this, one way to intensify orgasm is to postpone climax and slow down your pace to create tension. It dependswhether or not you have had sex already or if he is ready to burst! If he is struggling to climax, going to slow will be torture for him. Likewise, if he is ready to climax, going too fast will be rushing apotentiallysensual moment for you both.

  • Lube it up!

As your partner gets more aroused, pre-cum will appear from the head of his penis - this helps you masturbate him easily. If you both need a little helping hand (escuse the pun), don't be afraid to indulge in lubrication. You could also just use your salivafor smoother movements.

  • Don't look bored!

Although many women will want to focus on giving her partner the best handjob or blowjob of his life, it is important to be concious of expression. Particularly for handjobs, it is easy for females to look a little bored or in concentration. It can ruin the mood if your partner is concerned you are not enjoying yourself at all. If you are enjoying yourself, so is he. Feel free to moan a little or maintain intense eye contact. A smile is always appreciated!

Masturbating your guy is a great way to bring heat to your encounter and turn you into a great sexual partner. However you could have other tricks up your sleeve! Go further and try men's favorite Kamasutra positions.

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  • Leave aside shyness and devote yourself to pleasing your partner and he will surely thank you

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How to Masturbate a Guy
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How to Masturbate a Guy

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