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The Best Positions to Masturbate as a Couple

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 12, 2019
The Best Positions to Masturbate as a Couple

In the world of sex, penetration isn't the only enjoyable act. The truth is that there are plenty of ways to get excited and increase the intensity of a sexual experience - including masturbating as a couple. A perfect opportunity to explore all the pleasure points. Although many adore foreplay and have discovered that masturbating is fantastic, not everyone knows how to do it or where to start. OneHOWTO are here to give you some tips on the best sexual positions to masturbate as a couple to fully enjoy your sexual encounters. Let's begin. Photo: flyboylifestyle.com


  1. Why masturbating as a couple is good
  2. 69
  3. Cowgirl / chair sex
  4. Female Prisoner
  5. Face to face
  6. Standing
  7. Tips for a great sexual experience

Why masturbating as a couple is good

Masturbating as a couple is more thanjust adding some heat to your sex life.The process has the ability to bring you both closer as a couple as you’re more open about what exactly brings you pleasure.Communicating your needs and desires in the bedroom is one of the most important factors for a healthy, satisfying sex life.

  • You reach a new level of intimacy. Masturbation is normally done solo and has such a negative stigma around it. When you do it with your partner you are both admitting you are sexual people and this is not only exciting, but highly intimate.
  • You mix things up. For couples who have been with one another for a long time, things can become monotonous, particularly sexually. There is no need to succumb to this though. Masturbating together can be a fun activity to throw into your sex life. Change the setting too. Don't just stick to the bedroom, you can do it in the bathroom, kitchen - maybe even in your car!
  • Faster orgasms - a new kind of quickie. No one knows their body better than them-self. If you have limited time but want to get sexual with your partner, masturbating as a couple is ideal. Watching one another will really speed up the process too. There is not much more arousing than see your partner in ecstacy.
  • To teach one another about their bodies.Seeing just how your female partner likes her pace and positioning can really help you to help her reach orgasm. Furthermore, masturbating as a couple will prove that it does not take women much longer to come. Unfortunately for women, the common format of sex does not lead to climax every time. Knowing one another's bodies more intricately will lead to more intense orgasms. For both men and women!


69 is undoubtedly one of the greatest ways to masturbate in a couple, since both receive the pleasure of oral sex simultaneously. The classic 69 position is with the man lying on his back, while the woman is on top of him with her legs over his face, while he performs oral sex. She takes his penis in her mouth. Although less common, 69 can be reversed. In this way she's on the bottom while he's on top, a perfect position for men who like to be dominant and women who occasionally like to be submissive. He controls the pace and intensity of the penetration in his partner's mouth.

Cowgirl / chair sex

The cowgirl is an extremely pleasurable sexual position for both partners, even before penetration. It allows for different types of masturbation. Whilst sitting on the man's lap, she opens her legs wide. Her partner's penis is in front and she masturbates him with her hand, while he stimulates her breasts or touches her clitoris with his hand. Another fun way to masturbate in this position is by rubbing the penis with her wet vagina and clitoris. This is especially pleasurable for women, so be sure to try it.

The Best Positions to Masturbate as a Couple - Cowgirl / chair sex

Female Prisoner

A great position that allows oral sex and clitoral stimulation and is perfect for masturbating as a couple is the female prisoner. Don't worry, it's not as nasty as it sounds. In this position the woman lies face up and the man is on his knees close to her face to receive fellatio. Meanwhile, with his hand he can masturbate and stimulate his partner. Both receive enormous pleasure.

Face to face

The face to face is a very intimate position that's perfect for masturbating as a couple. If she sits a little to one side, he can use his hand to touch her vagina and clitoris while she masturbates him with her hand. Another version is when the woman opens her legs and both masturbate each other by rubbing.

The Best Positions to Masturbate as a Couple - Face to face


Another great classic is with both standing either face to face or, more exciting, the woman has her back to him. The man takes the woman from behind, sliding his hand up to her clitoris and vagina while he supports her as she stands slightly to one side. All while her hand stimulates his penis. It's the perfect position to begin with, and the sex to follow (if you wish) is sure to be mind-blowing.

Tips for a great sexual experience

Be honest and open to ideas

It is daunting communicating sexual desires to your partner if the conversation is unusual for you both. But think of how sharing things can bring you closer as a couple. Being open means listening and taking things on board too. Consider your partner's desires too and implement them if you are comfortable. Always be honest and up front about what you want or don't want. When you agree, it will be amazing.

Just relax

You may have a healthy sex life and enjoy penetrative sexfrequently with your partner.However, when it comes to masturbating as a couple, you may start getting nervous. The key is to relax. One of the best times to masturbate together is in the morning. We are at our most chilled and often in the mood for intimacy.And, we all know how lacking in energy we are for some energetic intercourse, so why not just workout our hands instead?

Variety is the spice of [sex]

Switch it up.If you find using your hands is becoming monotonous, introduce sex toys or simply speed or pressure. We can often get sucked into habits - don't let boring sex be one of them.

Don't forget about your partner

Whilst masturbating as a couple it can be easy to focus purely on yourself and reaching orgasm. Do not neglect your partner. Touch them too and focus on each other's erogenous zones that you can't stimulate yourself. Be a giver, not a taker. You will be rewarded.

The Best Positions to Masturbate as a Couple - Tips for a great sexual experience

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The Best Positions to Masturbate as a Couple