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The Best Standing Sex Positions

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2017
The Best Standing Sex Positions

Experimenting with new sex positions is an ideal way to increase the intensity of pleasure and liven up the bedroom routine. Taking sex out of the bed is a great way to break the routine and increase the passion and spontaneity of your moments of intimacy, no matter where you are.

But what are the best standing sex positions? For these moments, at oneHOWTO we'll give you a selection of the best standing sex positions. Be adventurous and enjoy them to the fullest! And if you have your own suggestion for a good standing sex position, don't keep it to yourself, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Feet on the ground position
  2. The Union suspended position
  3. The tripod position
  4. The surprise position
  5. The wheelbarrow position

Feet on the ground position

A simple standing position for having sex while standing is what's called "Feet on the Ground". It's ideal to enjoy pleasure and sexual desire at any time and in any place. Both are standing and the woman stands with her back to him, he can touch her breasts and her legs should be bent slightly to allow for the perfect height for penetration. In addition to the excitement of penetration, both have freedom of movement to caress and massage the erogenous zones of the other.

If you want to increase the passion of this standing sex position and experience new sensations, you can stand in front of a mirror and start a sexy, seductive game of exchanging glances, caresses, kisses, etc.

The Union suspended position

As an alternative to the previous standing sex position, and possibly a little more difficult for some couples, this position is known as "The Union Suspended". As you can see in the picture below it requires great strength in the arms of the man.

Both stand face to face, with the man holding the woman up, she hugs him with her legs and he holds her by the hips, drawing her body toward him to initiate penetration. Penetration is more intense and there's complete body contact, but it can also be very exhausting. It's all a matter of taste!

The Best Standing Sex Positions - The Union suspended position

The tripod position

The Tripod is another good standing-up sex position to do face to face. The man takes the left leg of the woman, raising it to the height of his hips and holding her with his right hand. Now, she moves her hips to facilitate penetration and he puts his right leg between her legs to form a tripod. To enjoy more pleasure and contact, you can use a wall to support the woman's back.

The surprise position

And to reach the absolute limits and enjoy the wildest sex, you can try the steamy "Surprise". A standing sex position where the man surprises the woman from behind and penetrates her while holding her by the waist. The man's position allows him to stimulate and fondle the woman's vagina while also penetrating her. It's really enjoyable for both, and it's possible to also do anal penetration. Moreover, it is a good position for couples in which the woman is taller.

Doing some of these standing sex positions can be a very pleasurable and erotic experience to escape the routine and discover new things and ways to increase sexual passion with your partner.

The Best Standing Sex Positions - The surprise position

The wheelbarrow position

The Wheelbarrow is another great standing sex position you can try. It's similar to the previous position, with the difference that the man holds the woman's legs, whilst she holds her balance with her hands on the floor. You also need to be pretty strong to practise this position, but it's worth it if you can master it, as it is one of the most pleasurable positions.

The Best Standing Sex Positions - The wheelbarrow position

So there you have the 5 best standing sex positions, which can be great for livening things up and bringing back some spontaneity into your relationship as you can try them pretty much anywhere. If you want to discover other sex positions then we have got lots of ideas; or if you think we have missed out your favorite standing position for sex then let us know down below.

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The Best Standing Sex Positions