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What Are the Benefits of Masturbation?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
What Are the Benefits of Masturbation?

For a long time, especially among women, the subject of masturbation was taboo. When females began to talk about sex more openly than men after learning they enjoyed it as much as the men, things changed. Masturbating will not only lead to your personal pleasure but it also has a positive impact on your relationship with your partner. And, perhaps more surprisingly, it has a range of health benefits. So oneHOWTO invite you to discover the benefits of masturbation - whether you do it alone or not.

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  1. Why is masturbation good for you?
  2. Benefits of masturbation for men
  3. Benefits of masturbation for women

Why is masturbation good for you?

The relationship we have with sex largely depends on the relationship we have with our own body. If we feel insecure and unhappy is likely to be reflected in this intimate act. Similarly, if we view the opportunity to touch and explore our pleasure points as a taboo, then it can take us much longer to discover what we like sexually. Masturbation lets you know exactly what you like, and what makes you climax. This is useful when engaging in sexual relations with a partner, as you could guide them into doing what you know will please you. And this is only part of the reason why masturbation is so important.

  • Masturbation gives you the ability to know your erogenous zones and your pleasure points. And therefore, during sex you will know what you like, which will undoubtedly enhance and improve your sexual encounters.
  • It is a way to get pleasure and satisfaction without the need to be with someone at the right time. Masturbating as a couple is great to explore each other's bodies, to get to know them, and to enjoy each other while pleasuring each other without the need for penetration. Masturbation is widely used in heavy petting.
  • Masturbation invites us to think of sexual fantasies, which are often the gateway to knowing what we like and what gets us aroused during sex. Again this scenario offers the opportunity to know yourself sexually.
  • Many women can experience multiple orgasms, which they have discovered through masturbation. Similarly, it is essential to fight anorgasmia.

Benefits of masturbation for men

Here are a few benefits of masturbation for men to encourage them to enjoy this act as part of their regular routine:

It prevents cancer

An Australian study found that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer. Disease-causing toxins build up in your urogenital tract and when you rub one out, you flush the bad guys out of your system.

It prevents erectile dysfunction

As you age, unfortunately you lose muscle tone. This is completely natural, and shouldn't prevent you from pleasuring yourself. In fact, regular sex or masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

It helps you last longer in bed

Train yourself to last longer in bed by timing how long it takes you to orgasm. For example, if it usually takes you a couple of minutes, aim for three minutes the next time. Or, you can count how many strokes you need to climax.

It strengthens your immune system

Ejaculation increases levels of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol, which some of you may know as a stress inducing hormone, actually helps regulate and maintain a man's immunity.

It boosts your mood

Masturbating releases several feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and stimulates the reward circuits in your brain.

Benefits of masturbation for women

Masturbating regularly is NOT just for men. Here are some benefits to the act that will hopefully convince you it should be enjoyed:

It improves physical strength

Masturbating as a female is like a workout. When you orgasm, you are exercising your pelvic floor. As you reach climax, your clitoris begins to throb during increased blood flow. This causes your heart rate to increase and creates a similar sensation that exercise gives us. Likewise, regularly masturbating is good for your cardiovascular health. It can also reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

It improves your sleep

Your body releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone, in anticipation of an orgasm. After climax, your body releases the calming hormone oxytocin. The combination of both will help you have a good night's sleep. Is it bed time yet?

It improves Cervical Health

Regular masturbation can help maintain good cervical health in women. Because your cervix opens when you reach orgasm, this allows you to expel cervical mucus that also contains friendly bacteria. This fluid then moves to your vagina and helps flush out any unwanted organisms and prevent infection.

It prevents UTIs

If you have had one, you will know that urinary tract infections can be extremely painful. A good method of preventing them from appearing is to regularly masturbate. The process gets things moving along and can help expel bad bacteria.

It improves sex and strengthens relationships

Through masturbation, you obviously get to know your body much better. This way, you can advise your partner on what exactly you want. Even moreso, this growth of confidence in the bedroom can allow you to be more open with one another.

Free your mind of sexual taboos. Learn to enjoy touching yourself and experience all the benefits of masturbation to improve your sex life and your health.

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