The Best Positions to Masturbate a Man with Your Breasts

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 15, 2017
The Best Positions to Masturbate a Man with Your Breasts

It may seem obvious to say, but your favorite sex position is a matter of preference. A common one for men is to be masturbated by someone's breasts, but this doesn't mean it can't be something mutually stimulating for both (or all) parties. While larger breasts may be a bonus, the intimacy of playing with each other's erogenous zones can be enjoyed by anyone. It's also one of the safest sex acts you can enjoy. You can incorporate it into different roleplays and sexually submissive/dominant games. Follow oneHOWTO to see the best positions to masturbate a man with your breasts and see if it's for you.

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Steps to follow:

If you've found this article, it's likely you searched for an alternative term for masturbating with your breasts. In fact, it's only masturbation depending on how you do it. Other terms for it are titfuck, titty-fuck, boob job or, for those with a more European sensibility, French fuck or tit wank. Wikipedia references the little used term "a trip down mammary lane". We've also found use of the phrase "camel wank", due to the fact that a camel has two humps. Of course, it must be in reference to a bactrian camel as dromedarian's only have the one.

There is some debate in sexual psychology circles over whether attraction to a woman's breasts is considered a paraphilia (sexual perversion). Freud seems to see that it is a part of normal sexual attraction. 242 episodes of Baywatch and uncountable lascivious beer adverts in the 20th century might go some way to support this idea. Whatever the impetus, cursory porn searches show that it's pretty popular viewing material.

You should never engage in something in which you don't feel comfortable, but many women see masturbating a man with their breasts as something for him. It could be a special occasion treat or even a spur of the moment generosity. Yet, there are different positions you can use to enjoy a boob job and we've got some ideas here to get you started.


Masturbating with your breasts is often something which starts with other fun. Before you go straight for the chest, it's good to set the mood. For our first breast masturbation position, get him aroused with other stimulation to his penis. You can start off with your hand or give him some soft kisses for oral sex. When he's relaxed and turned on, get him to lie on his back. Sit back on your legs or kneel so that your breasts are close to his penis. Take his penis between your breasts and move them up and down. The shaft is rubs between them and his tip pops up when you go down.

This can be great for both of you as you can tease the top of his penis with your nipples. Not all, but many women find nipple stimulation a great turn on and you can use this to your own advantage. With one hand, you can push your breasts from the side to keep him in place, your other free for your own stimulation. Yes, this is you doing all the work, but it might be something you'll enjoy. Especially if you're feeling generous.

This technique is a great one if you are doing it in a bed. It's also good if you have smaller breasts. You don't need to have big breasts to enjoy masturbating with them. Even if you have a smaller chest, rubbing against his penis is something the man is going to enjoy. Even though it can be difficult for some, don't let insecurity get in the way of fun. You can try molding them round his penis and pushing them together from the sides.

A more practical concern is friction. All that rubbing might not be the best thing for either skin, so it's a good idea to get some lube involved.

The Best Positions to Masturbate a Man with Your Breasts - Step 2

If having sex away from the bedroom, there are other ways you can enjoy masturbating with your breasts. If you're in the living room or the kitchen, you can have him sit on the edge of a chair or couch. Be careful of cold knees if you're in the kitchen, it may not be the most comfortable. Kneel and put his penis between your breasts and begin to move it up and down. This should make him go wild with pleasure, because most likely he's not expecting this at the moment.

It's also a good position if you want to engage in a little more restrictive fun. Being tied to a chair is common practice for BDSM. If they're on a chair already and you both want to explore this with each other, you can try tying him to it. If you're both into it, it's a great way to exert control over the other person. Masturbating with your breasts can make it even more titillating (excuse the pun). If you are strictly bedroom people, then you can do this either on the edge of the bed or tied to it also.


If you guys are the other way round and your partner likes to be in control while you're submissive, you can try this next position. Either on the ground or on top of the bed, lie on your back with your partner on top of you. His bottom should be at your belly level. If you like the restriction, then this could be great for you, but you may want to encourage them to put more wight on their knees rather than you.

You can put his penis between your breasts and hold them together with your hands while your partner moves. This means he is in control of the rhythm and this control might be even more fun. If you like being submissive, you could even be tied up yourself, letting him use your breasts without you having any control.

Remember, this can be a little tricky this one, so make sure you have safe words and are with someone you trust.

The Best Positions to Masturbate a Man with Your Breasts - Step 4

Possibly the best sex position for both of you when masturbating a guy with your breasts is the 69 position. It may be something you planned on doing or something which comes to you in the spur of the moment. While you're on top, move your chest a couple of inches downward so that you can push his penis between your breasts. You will be stimulated by him down there, so this should give you added stimulation as you rub your nipples against the tip of his penis. You can move back and forth between mouth and breasts for an amazing time which is sure to drive both of you crazy (in a good way of course). It will only be intensified in the 69 position as he will not be able to see what you're doing, only feel how pleasurable it is.


Masturbating with your breasts (titjob, titwank, boob job, whatever you want to call it) can be a enjoyable treat for all shapes and sizes. Have confidence, be with someone you trust and have fun exploring!

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The Best Positions to Masturbate a Man with Your Breasts
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The Best Positions to Masturbate a Man with Your Breasts

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