The Difference Between Sex And Making Love

By Mary Smith. January 13, 2019
The Difference Between Sex And Making Love

Make love, have sex, maintain relationships ... For many people all three of these things represent the same concept. For others, however, making love and having sex are two different things. Some people only have sex, while others make love and then there are people who combine the two. But what is the difference between making love and having sex?

When analyzing the difference between love and sex there are many things to consider. If you want to know the difference between sex and making love, keep reading here at OneHOWTO. We will be discussing what making love really entails, in addition to uncovering the truth behind love vs lust.

Having sex vs making love: pleasure

The first thing we need to remember is that a couple in love can also have sex. For us, the first difference between making love and having sex needs to be analyzed through the pleasure that is sought. By this we mean that, when we you sex, do you seek to find your own pleasure or do you look to make sure both people involved experience pleasure? When having sex, if you find that you are only focused on yourself, then we can consider this sex, in its simplest form.

However, once you have met and connected with a person on a deeper level, it is likely that pleasure will not be the only thing sought. Once in love, many people have sex for more than pure satisfaction, but rather as a way to deepen connection and satisfy their partner as well as themselves.

Love vs sex: friends with benefits

Friends with benefits is a recent phenomenon that can, at times, prove difficult to understand. When it comes to friends with benefits, there is a clear separation between pleasure and love. What is friends with benefits? This concept revolves around the idea that you and the person with whom you are having sex are simply friends that enjoy each other’s sexual company, nothing more.

It’s very normal to have sex with different people who attract you physically and with whom you have a good time, but this does not mean that the relationship is established on the basis of love. Maintaining a unique and purely long-term ‘friends with benefits’ sexual relationship is difficult. Often one of the two build stronger feelings for the other and the relationship can become complicated. If you are looking to experience a ‘friends with benefits’ type relationship, we recommend setting rules to avoid anyone getting hurt in the long run.

The Difference Between Sex And Making Love - Love vs sex: friends with benefits

Sex vs making love: foreplay

Making love is much more complete than having sex. On many occasions, having sex lacks the foreplay, freedom and time spent that making love carries. Often, when two people just ‘have sex’ there is one aim, climax. But when two people are making love, there becomes a desire to explore what the other person wants, what they like and how they can connect to you on a deeper level.

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Sex vs.making love: orgasms

Okay, first thing’s first, orgasms are not exclusively enjoyed by those making love. But, an orgasm during sex with a person you are not in love with, can prove to be very different from an orgasm you experience through making love.

Some people, for example, struggle to reach an orgasm easily. In fact, reaching climax takes time and effort. Therefore, if you are having a quick sex session and find that you are maybe not comfortable to voice what you like, you may not reach climax. Whereas, when there is more trust and affection in a relationship, there is more freedom to enjoy the experience and more trust to rid yourself of inhibition.

Having sex is more of a ‘getting carried away by animal instinct’ and making love is more personalized.

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The Difference Between Sex And Making Love - Sex vs.making love: orgasms

Making love vs having sex: sensation

Sex is a great way of releasing stress and tension. According to several studies, sex releases endorphins elevating mood. In addition, sex is a form of fun exercise! This two can help differentiate between sex and making love. While sex often seeks one’s own sexual pleasure, releasing stress and tensions, making love takes place when two people want to feel closer and release their stress together.

Making love vs sex: time

One of the key points in distinguishing the difference between making love and having sex is time. Sex is commonly associated as being quick and direct with a clear goal. Making love, however, develops as a whole game of sensuality in which the longer the time, the better. Often when making love, time is not only spent on penetration, but on other aspects, such as kissing and caressing.

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Sex vs making love: chemistry

Last but not least when analyzing the difference between sex and making love, is chemistry. You may feel attracted to many people, but this does not mean you feel chemistry on a deeper level. In this case, we could be talking about only having sexual chemistry. Sexual chemistry is when two people like each other and have a good time having sex, but there is that ‘something’ missing.

When two people are in love: sexual, attractive and emotional chemistry are present as n entirety.

The Difference Between Sex And Making Love - Sex vs making love: chemistry

Am I in love?

Knowing whether or not you’re in love is a difficult thing to explain. The feeling of being in love is difficult to explain as it, in a way, cannot be put into words. But, to help you, we’ve gathered some signs to help you distinguish whether or not you're in love:

  • You cannot stop thinking about that person.
  • You cannot imagine your life without that person in it.
  • You want to keep that person safe, always.
  • You wan to tell that person all of your secrets and vice versa.
  • There’s that feeling that they are different from any of your previous relationships.
  • You want to see that person all of the time.
  • This person makes you feel positive about life and the future.

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The Difference Between Sex And Making Love
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The Difference Between Sex And Making Love

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