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The Best Sex Positions For Different Body Types

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 13, 2018
The Best Sex Positions For Different Body Types
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Each of us has a different body shape, and when the time to have sex approaches, nothing is better than to use your curves to your advantage and seduce your guy. However having a few extra pounds or simply not knowing how to utilise our assets can make undressing before another person daunting and problematic. oneHOWTO has several solutions for you as we unveil the best sex positions for different body types, so keep reading and get ready to enjoy them!

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  1. Pear-shaped bodies
  2. Hourglass bodies
  3. Inverted triangle bodies
  4. Rectangular bodies

Pear-shaped bodies

When discussing sex positions for different body types, we must refer to one of the most common: small breasts and wide hips. Many women love having this figure, while others wish their hips or buttocks were slightly narrower and more proportional to their body. However, this body-type is highly sensual and provocative to men, so you should take advantage of good vaginal penetration positions from behind.

These types of positions, like the lazy spoon, the Dragonfly or spooningstimulate two key points of your body: the clitoris, which will give you immense pleasure, and the breasts because they are small and feel caresses and stimuli much more intensely.

The Best Sex Positions For Different Body Types - Pear-shaped bodies

Hourglass bodies

The highly sought after hourglass body is the next topic in our list of sex positions for different body types. The hourglass body is considered a highly sensual figure. With a small waist, and proportional chest and hips, this is a body-type like the equally sexy and beautiful Marilyn Monroe had. Regardless of weight, it is a proportional silhouette, but thanks to the narrow waist, girls with hourglass bodies usually find pleasure in positions where the man grabs this area. Doggy style, the Submitted or the Taming, are excellent choices that both women with this body-type and their lovers will enjoy nonstop.

The Best Sex Positions For Different Body Types - Hourglass bodies

Inverted triangle bodies

Women with the inverted triangle figure are characterized by big breasts, small hips and slender legs. Breasts are a powerful visual stimulus for guys, so they like to utilise positions that have the potential to explore this area of the body at the same time as the shape of her slender legs.

So, sex positions like the Catapult, the Delight or the Hammock will let him enjoy her two great assets, allowing her to have fun and feel sure of herself, while making sure her man has a great time.

The Best Sex Positions For Different Body Types - Inverted triangle bodies

Rectangular bodies

The rectangular body, chest, waist and hips are proportional, drawing almost a straight line. In most cases, women with this type of body enjoy exercising and have toned figures. Therefore they enjoy positions that allow them to show off their great bodies.

The Amazon, the Mirror or the Arch are all positions that require strength in the legs, the arms, or that expose the entire body and they are all excellent choices.

The Best Sex Positions For Different Body Types - Rectangular bodies

Did you enjoy our sex positions for different body types? Think you have some better suggestions? We'd love to hear them in the comments section!

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This has almost every body type but mine. I'm an apple shape. I have smaller legs a larger breast size and a large stomach. I'm only 5ft 2in my husband is almost 6 ft.
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The Best Sex Positions For Different Body Types