The Wildest Kamasutra Positions

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 2, 2017
The Wildest Kamasutra Positions

The ancient Kamasutra text has become the benchmark for excellence in erotic literature. It contains a large selection of sex positions, perfect for avoiding sexual monotony and to get the most pleasure. With suitable positions for all kinds of couples, from classic to more wild and difficult, there is no way you will get bored. So, if you are planning a wild hook-up or just want to have some tricks up your sleeve, oneHOWTO will show you the wildest Kamasutra positions. Keep reading!

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1. The Standing Doggy

When talking about wild sex positions, it may come as a surprise that our first kamasutra sex step is quite an obvious one. But it is a position where deep penetration is fully guaranteed. The man sets the pace, which is why it's one of the most pleasurable positions, but the woman also gets enjoyable penetration that stimulates her clitoris. It's ideal for regular sized or small penises.

The Wildest Kamasutra Positions - 1. The Standing Doggy

2. The Arc de Triomphe

When it comes to getting maximum pleasure from a sexual encounter no doubt, the Arc de Triomphe is a great alternative. It is a wild position ideal for pleasuring both people. This kamasutra sex step requires both people to have strong legs and arms, but the result will be penetration that also stimulates the clitoris and offers powerful sensations to the man.

The Wildest Kamasutra Positions - 2. The Arc de Triomphe

3. The Push Cart

The positions that allow vaginal penetration from behind are favourites among men and women. For women it creates more intense friction and for men they can enjoy control, domination and great views. If you enjoy these factors, The Push Cart is the perfect wild Kamasutra position for you. Although it requires the man's strength it is worth trying to intensify your pleasure in the bedroom.

The Wildest Kamasutra Positions - 3. The Push Cart

4. The Mirror of Pleasure

When it comes to a wild and different position, the The Mirror of Pleasure is a good alternative. Mainly because it is comfortable and similar to other more common positions, but manages to provide maximum enjoyment for him and her. Its simplicity means any couple can try it and indulge themselves in practice.

The Wildest Kamasutra Positions - 4. The Mirror of Pleasure

5. The Subjected Guy

There are many positions where women set the pace to give maximum pleasure to both. And this variant of The Subjected Guy is certainly one of the wildest Kamasutra positions. Both will enjoy deep penetration to the max, while important female erogenous zones, such as the breasts, can freelybe stimulated. Well worth a try.

The Wildest Kamasutra Positions - 5. The Subjected Guy

6. The Deep One

The Deep One certainly promises wild sex, so it is an ideal alternative for more passionate people. This kamasutra sex step is also great for guys with small penises, because deep penetration is fully guaranteed - providing maximum pleasure to women.

The Wildest Kamasutra Positions - 6. The Deep One

7. The Hammock

The last alternative we propose is another of the wildest Kamasutra positions where women set the pace. The Hammock, is great for stimulating different male erogenous zones while enjoying a highly pleasurable penetration for both - you definitely have to try it!

The Wildest Kamasutra Positions - 7. The Hammock

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The Wildest Kamasutra Positions
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The Wildest Kamasutra Positions

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