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What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 12, 2017
What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration

Deep penetration generates enormous pleasure for both, especially when the man has an average-sized or small penis because very prominent phallus can cause pain and discomfort. If the goal is to enjoy intense and exciting sex on oneHOWTO we give you a list of the best sex positions for deep penetration that you and your girl or boy will enjoy and ensure you both get maximum pleasure.

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Deep thrust

Out of all the Kamasutra positions there is one with clearly very intense penetration: the deep thrust.The angle at which the man penetrates the girl allows the penis to enter completely, producing a sense of friction and very pleasant enjoyment, while she can caress his buttocks, kissing or playing. But this position is not recommended if the male has a large penis because it could hurt the partner. However, it is recommended for those who have a banana penis shape, as it's much easier for the male to help the woman reach her G-spot.

What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration - Deep thrust

The surprise

Standing Doggy Style, also known as 'the surprise'. Here, the man sets the pace of the deep penetration, he can make deeper contact if he wants. This position is one of the boys' favorites thanks to the high amount of domination involved in it. It is great for girls who appreciate anal stimulation because while she is penetrated he can play with this erogenous zone taking her to a powerful orgasm. This is also one of the best sexual positions to practice in the shower because, no matter how small your shower is, you'll both be able to fit comfortably.

What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration - The surprise

Doggy style

No doubt, doggy style is the most popular sexual position for penetrating the vagina from behind. Here the rate of penetration depends on both, but usually euphoria and excitement of the moment calls for a deep and exciting penetration. Again discretion is advised in the case of large penises, because the girl can experience a lot of pain if a strong and deep penetration in this position is exercised.

What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration - Doggy style


This variant of deep sex position known as The Fusion is a position that gives women full power of decision. She is the one who controls the pace and depth of penetration by the fact that she is on top, she can choose whether to enter the penis completely or only slightly. Usually the second alternative is chosen, generating a sexual encounter loaded with satisfaction for both. To enhance deep penetration, the woman hold her weight on her feet instead of her legs to get an even deeper penetration.

What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration - Fusion


A sexual position known as the subject or reverse cowgirl, definitely has a lot to offer. As in the previous case she chooses the intensity of deep penetration and also sets the pace of the movements, but convenience almost always makes the girl decide to sit completely, leading to deep and delicious insights. This is one of the best positions for men with a long penis, as it's the woman (or man) who decides how deep is deep.

What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration - sUBJECT

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What are the Best Positions for Deep Penetration