What are the Benefits of Semen for Women

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 27, 2017
What are the Benefits of Semen for Women

The benefits of semen for women include wrinkles prevention, fighting depression, ingesting nutrients, and coming closer to their partner.

Some women have an aversion to semen, may it be due to taboos, some kind of fear or disgust. However, others don't have any kind of prejudice against getting into contact with your partner's semen, a practise which, although it may not seem that way, has health benefits. At oneHOWTO today we'll explain what are the benefits of semen for women.

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Steps to follow:

Before anything, it's very important to know that having contact with your partner's semen we must be sure that he does not have any kind of STD such as HPV or AIDS, or else the fluid exchange can lead to an enormous risk of transmission.

It's not convenient to come in contact with a man's semen if he's not your formal and usual partner. In this case, it is recommendable that you use condoms to avoid transmission of these diseases.


But if we're talking about your partner, then you can take advantage of the many benefits of semen for your health. There are three fundamental ways of taking advantage of its benefits: through your vagina, when a man ejaculates in it, through oral sex and mouth ejaculation, or thorugh your skin, as semen also has topic benefits like the best of face creams.


After many investigations, one of the most highlighted benefits of semen discovered is a great anti-oxidant effect, helping prevent wrinkles and makes acne skin problems better. Of course, not all women are willing to use it as a facial mask, that's why there are several cosmetic companies that have semen as an ingredient in their facial creams, an idea which is already a success.


We know sex makes us happy and substantially improves humour, this is due to the several reactions in our body and as does semen, as it is a great anti-depressive.

This fluid, which gets into our body effectively thanks to the many blood vessels found in our vagina, it's full of chemical substances that improve our state of mind: oxytocin, serotonin, prolactin and melatonin are only a few of them. So, there's nothing like delightful sex with a delicious happy ending, for both!


For a long time, those girls who enjoy their partner ejaculating in their mouth have asked themselves insistingly if semen is fattening. The great news is, it isn't fattening, not only that, but it has plenty of nutrients. Minerals such as calcium, potassium or sodium, and vitamins such as vitamin C or B12, are some of the active ingredients of this masculine fluids.


Couples who regularly have sex widely benefit from it, not only avoiding depression and insecurities more often and are substantially closer to their partners. That's why you should take advantage of your options to benefit from semen at the same time you enjoy your pleasurable encounters with your partner.

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What are the Benefits of Semen for Women
What are the Benefits of Semen for Women

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