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What are the types of male orgasm

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What are the types of male orgasm

When reaching climax there are many factors that come into play, including the senses. Our ability to see, touch, taste, smell and hear during intimacy makes reaching climax so surprising, but men and women operate differently. Do you think that he always climaxes the same? you're wrong! On OneHowTo.com we explain what the types of male orgasm are and how you can have them.

  1. Traditional orgasm
  2. Total Orgasm
  3. In search of a total orgasm
  4. Some key tricks
  5. Change position

Traditional orgasm

This is the classic and good old-fashioned orgasm, which happens after several minutes of manual or oral stimulation, and subsequent intercourse. This type of orgasm clearly generates great pleasure, but there is much more powerful and a less common option that will completely surprise with results that promise to cloud his vision and leave him completely surprised.

Total Orgasm

Certainly not as common but the result of this type of climax is explosive for him. It occurs when after various forms of stimulation and many minutes, arousal and intercourse, the pleasure he experiences becomes a tingling sensation that spreads throughout your body, from your genitals through the torso, head and limbs. This type of orgasm is often more intense and lasting than the classic, leaving you even speechless for a few seconds, it is called total just because the feeling is not only in the usual area but expands to full body.

In search of a total orgasm

We know that sex is not just sex, there are many manoeuvres, tricks and games for pleasure and insight into the intimate realm, so if you want enhance your guy's orgasm you must dedicate more to attend to him but with an open mind, so that you also enjoy it without missing a thing.

Some key tricks

To climax with your partner get to know their erogenous zones, these key points of pleasure hidden in your body that will cause great sensations. Stimulating the penis through masturbation and oral sex it is also a useful key, while you can use your body to play with him and get the maximum benefits of the meeting.

Change position

You know that foreplay and stimulation are essential, but during intercourse positions are also important and some get better effects than others. Discover what men's favourite positions are and get ready to fill him with pleasure and lead to the coveted overall orgasm.

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  • Fear not and try to experience new games, stimuli and sexual positions, exploration is the key for better intimacy.
  • Dare to enjoy while you also please them to him, you will be surprised of the effects it can have on your libido he will go crazy about your moves in bed.
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What are the types of male orgasm