What are the Benefits of Having a Quickie

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
What are the Benefits of Having a Quickie

A quick sexual encounter, a typical "right here, right now" can give you a dose of vitality and self-esteem and the excitement is very beneficial for your relationship as a couple. In most cases, you can enjoy every minute when making love in a slow, unhurried way, but what about if you get carried away by a spontaneous, horny moment? You'll no doubt enjoy a different, fun and arousing sexual experience. In this OneHowTo article, you'll discover the benefits of having a quickie so you'll learn how good it can be for you both and for your life as couple. Try it!

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Maximum arousal. One of the major benefits of a quickie is the feeling of extreme arousal which occurs when you're overcome by sexual passion. Being spontaneous is one of the best qualities to have in order to enjoy a pleasurable sex life. So don't plan your next encounter and let your desire overtake you. This is one of the best options for achieving a highly arousing and fun experience.


Quick arousal. When you have to do something quick or under pressure, do you not find that you feel more stimulated? This is because, when you just act on your instincts, you set aside rationality and allow yourself to be overtaken by your wildest side, which is your sex drive at that moment in time.

So, dropping your pants and being semi naked so you can enjoy a quickie in any corner of your house is one of the most arousing experiences you can have when doing it quickly and in any manner. Letting go of yourself in this way is very healthy, as well as being really fun.

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Know what you like. Due to the immediacy of the moment where you get carried away by passion, another benefit of quickies is that you learn more quickly what you like: where you want to be kissed, what you want to listen to while you do it, what sexual position you like, etc. As it's such a fleeting encounter, you'll want all the stimuli that most arouse you so, it's a good way of getting to know yourself better.


Goodbye to shyness. When you make love slowly, it is likely that you might become fixated on your tummy at some point or you might want to try something new but don't quite know how to approach it, etc. When it comes to quickies, the best thing about them is that they involve guesswork and are an outburst of uncontrollable passion, so you don't have time to think about anything other than letting yourself go.

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More confidence in yourself. It is comforting to know that, from time to time, you awake an irrepressible desire in someone to have sex with you, and that they have an urge to kiss and touch you. This makes you feel much more at ease with yourself and very desirable. In addition, this will increase your self-confidence and it will allow you to go to your partner to satisfy your desires whenever you feel like having sex. We bet they'll also love your passionate outbursts.


Less monotony in your relationship. Sexual monotony is one of the great scourges of relationships. It can sometimes feel like routine, with rules imposed in every waking moment, even in bed. To avoid this, it is important to be innovative by trying different games, sex toys or allowing yourselves to get carried away by desire.

For this reason, another great benefit of having a quickie is that it banishes routine. So, every now and again when you feel overcome by a wave of lust anywhere in the house, why not have a try? Try it in public places too and enjoy a really arousing encounter!

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What are the Benefits of Having a Quickie
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What are the Benefits of Having a Quickie

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