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How to Tell when a Woman is Having an Orgasm

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 9, 2017
How to Tell when a Woman is Having an Orgasm

Feminine sexual satisfaction is different from men's, and this simply happens because women's anatomy has nothing to do with men's. In the case of men it's easy to tell when they have reached climax because, normally, the moment of maximum pleasure is accompanied by ejaculation, whilst many women don't ejaculate. Then, how can we tell when a woman is having an orgasm? in oneHOWTO we'll explain the signs that a woman has climaxed.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, it's good to understand that there is a difference between ejaculation and orgasm, although in most cases men experience both simultaneously, which makes it easy to know when they've reached climax.

On the other hand, it's important to pay attention to other details to realise women are having an orgasm. Although during sex, like men, women groan or use orality to express we're enjoying sex, this is not necessarily a sign that a woman is experiencing climax. To know if a woman has reached orgasm you'll have to pay attention to body language.


To start with, when a woman is excited the clitoris usually increases its volume and the woman will start lubricating. During orgasm, the vagina contracts, suffering small spasms, something that is easy to feel during penetration.

These spasms, which can be experimented in a more or less intense fashion, can also manifest externally. The woman contracts as part of the feeling of pleasure she's feeling, even pressing her legs or retracting a little to enjoy the feelings better.


Another way to tell when a woman is having an orgasm and climaxing is by observing her nipples, because normally, when this climax is reached, the previous erection that they maintained throughout the sexual act usually disappears and returns to normal, i.e they are not tense, but much more relaxed. Although it is not a 100% effective sign, the truth is that the appearance of the nipples can help you know if you are finished or your body is still excited.

And not only the nipples but the breasts, in general, harden when they are having sex and these are much harder and more erect. For this reason, you can know if a woman has climaxed if you see that her breasts have relaxed and are now softer and loose.

How to Tell when a Woman is Having an Orgasm - Step 3

When a woman reaches an orgasm the heat of the vagina increases, a corporal reaction that indicates maximum pleasure. The breasts go harder during orgasm, and some girls experience other normal reactions such as heavy breathing and redness on the face.

However, one of the most effective indicators that can help you know if a woman reaches orgasm is vaginal lubrication. While it is true that they do not ejaculate like men, it is also true that they expel a little flow when they reach the climax and, therefore, that can be noticed because you will feel that it is more wet or that even has wet you a little to you during intercourse, this is sometimes also known as squirting. Although this is a fairly reliable indicator, it is also true that there are women with lubrication problems by not generating much flow naturally and, therefore, can be an indicator that leads to confusion.


The best way to know if your girl has reached orgasm is to get to know her. Keep in mind that many women pretend because they do not end up enjoying sex to the maximum, so it is important to work on a sincere relationships where sex is not a taboo and can be discussed openly. Treating the subject of sex naturally will make both of you enjoy your encounters to the maximum and, moreover, for you to enjoy incredible orgasms.

A woman will reach orgasms if you stimulate her correctly and this is why it is not enough for you to just penetrate but you will have to activate her entire body to get her to enjoy sex completely. A good preliminary session or a penetrating interplay with kisses and caresses will make your girl fall at your feet and reach an imposing orgasm. Knowing the reactions of the woman when she has an orgasm will be easier to recognize in other sexual encounters.


These are signals that a woman has reached an orgasm. They can all be accompanied by groans of pleasure, although this does not necessarily determine an orgasm.

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How to Tell when a Woman is Having an Orgasm