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How to seduce a Virgo

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to seduce a Virgo

To get a Virgo's attention and to be able to seduce them you should take it step by step without being too abrupt, without being too loud, especially considering that at some point you will demonstrate your feelings and desires explicitly because in the art of winning over Virgos, they are not exactly the most virtuous at interpreting other people's feelings. These and some other key points will get you on track so you know how to seduce a Virgo .

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Steps to follow:


Virgos love stability and aren't the best improvisors when faced with a new situation. It is very important for them to feel safe with a person, and they will only feel that way with someone stable, who doesn't constantly change their mind. Praise their talents , not forgetting to flatter their beauty, their decisions, their style and their body as this makes them feel secure.


As lovers of stability, honesty is very important to Virgos, so you should speak clearly about your feelings. Remember that although you can give them an occasional hint during the seduction process, you will always have to tell them head on what you feel for the message to sink in, as they tend not to be experts at interpreting the subtleties.


Feeling loved and respected is very important for Virgos, so it is important to reinforce these feelings from time to time.


To have a wonderful evening with them and to completely seduce a Virgo, take them into nature where they feel fully comfortable, as they greatly appreciate beatiful scenery, the countryside, the mountains, the beach. This a good way to begin winning them over.


Virgos likes gentle seduction, caressing their skin, playing with their hair, and kissing their neck slowly, are great for foreplay. Also depending on the situation you have to reinforce that sex is natural because sometimes they tend to feel guilty after sex because they tend to criticise themselves.

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  • Stability, security and a touch of romance are the keys to seducing a Virgo.
  • Always remember to express your feelings directly, since they can often confuse hints and subtleties
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How to seduce a Virgo