How Do Guys Like to Make Love

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Do Guys Like to Make Love

Drive him crazy in bed. If you want to surprise your partner with a different sex session and get him really excited, you should find out what he likes in bed. Of course, everyone is different but it's also true that, generally speaking, men prefer more carnal and passionate sexual encounters. So, this OneHowTo article will reveal some secrets so you can discover how guys like to make love. You'll leave him open mouthed and the two of you can enjoy a passionate and incredible session of love-making.

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Steps to follow:

In order for you to make love as men desire, you should banish any taboos first. There is nothing that lowers their libido more than a woman who feels ashamed, holds back and has no initiative, so work on your wild and fun side so you can surprise him. One good idea is to welcome him back home one day wearing just a set of lingerie with the house ready for a pleasurable time. Another time, you can meet him wearing just a coat and nothing else underneath and so on. Here are some ideas that will give your encounters an injection of unique fun that we're sure he will love.

In this regard, we also recommend that you try to be creative. So try different positions, dare to have sex elsewhere besides the bed and introduce a sex toy which will add an exciting touch to your encounter. OneHowTo gives you some tips for you to learn how to be more daring in bed.

How Do Guys Like to Make Love - Step 1

Feeling secure in bed is another of the basics for being able to have amazing sex with a man. They love to feel like you know what you're going to do, that you have experience and knowledge so you can surprise him and help him to have an amazing experience. So, be more assertive and self-assured, leaving behind any doubts so he can enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Dare to try new positions, new pleasures or surprise him with your most sexy outfit. We're sure he'll be left stunned and more than a little excited, so don't hold back! A good idea, for example, is to introduce whipped cream in bed and experience a tantalizing encounter, you'll love it!

How Do Guys Like to Make Love - Step 2

If you want to know how guys like to make love it is important to remember that silence is your worst enemy. There's nothing less sexy than being in bed and completely silent, without making any moaning sounds or whispering some sensual and saucy words. They love it and if you try it, you'll also blow your mind with the experience, so let the words flow through your mouth and stop being silent in bed.

But be careful: don't talk all the time, just occasionally say things like "I like that", "right there", "you do it so well" and so on. They are simple phrases and will get him so excited that he will love to hear them. You can discover how to seduce a man with words at OneHowTo so you can find your way about a bit and learn how to approach this topic.

How Do Guys Like to Make Love - Step 3

A daring woman who is eager to experiment is also something that men love, as they are always expected to take the leading role which can end up being boring and not as pleasurable for him. A good idea is that you dare to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Be ready to try new things and satisfy your partner's most hidden desires. So talk to him openly to learn what he would like to try or what fantasies more often come to mind and one day, you can encourage him to achieve it by taking him completely by surprise.

This is one of the most fun ways of thinking about sex and so you enjoy all your desires together. OneHowTo explains the most common sexual fantasies of men to inspire you and dare you to break some taboos.

How Do Guys Like to Make Love - Step 4

Another way guys like to make love is by starting with some of the most saucy foreplay. Although having quick sex can be good practice for a precise moment where excitement overcomes you, the truth is that stimulating the body and getting it ready for sex is a great idea so you can achieve a truly amazing experience. There are many preliminaries that you can perform but the most noteworthy among men is, without doubt, oral sex. Therefore, dare to practice this stimulation, learn the techniques to do it great so he falls at your feet.

How Do Guys Like to Make Love - Step 5

And finally, here's a trick that will most definitely feel amazing: tighten your vaginal muscles during penetration. They do not know it but this is one of the best techniques where he will feel something totally different and very pleasurable. So put into practice all your sexual gymnastics and when you have his penis inside you, tighten your muscles with different intensities. You'll really blow his mind!

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How Do Guys Like to Make Love
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How Do Guys Like to Make Love

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