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The 5 most common sexual fantasies of men

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 29, 2017
The 5 most common sexual fantasies of men

It is no secret that men and women, love sex and usually daydream about erotic scenarios where pleasure is the main premise: no love, no commitment, just an incredible passionate encounter worth remembering. But what are the 5 most popular sexual fantasies among men? At OneHowTo we reveal all for you.

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No doubt the number one fantasy, the one that creates the most morbid curiosity and desire in men is a threesome with two girls. Being the centre of attention, having two women eager to please them and carrying out a scene worthy of the best porn film are common fantasies for boys when imagining erotic encounters.

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Voyeurism, so tied to the taboo and morbid fascination is also very exciting for men, so he may fantasise about watching his girl having sex with someone else or about others watching him having sex with a woman. This idea of spying and being spied upon is highly exciting for them.


Many men talk openly about it, but not all of them have done it so for some of them it has become a sexual fantasy: to have sex with a complete stranger and someone who they will never see again is very appealing.


If you have an incredibly sexy girlfriend with perfect curves and a beautiful face, it's good because you know: all your friends fantasise about taking her to bed and giving her a night of wild sex. This is a recurring fantasy for many men and one of their most popular desires.


The virgin schoolgirl/teacher duo drives them and will always drive them wild, the idea of corrupting innocence, giving pleasure to someone who looks so pure feels so morbid, that is why they like the idea of punishing schoolgirls.

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In addition to these sexual fantasies, couples can enjoy their most forbidden pleasures together acting out any of their sexual desires as a couple. At OneHowTo we show you some sexual fantasies you can do with your partner among which you will find ideas from innocent games with bandages to more daring ones with handcuffs. Do you dare?!

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The 5 most common sexual fantasies of men