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How to be more daring in bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to be more daring in bed
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In sex, explore and dare to try new things is essential to fully enjoy and enhance the pleasure. However many women are afraid to do so, either by taboos, fears or a too conservative traditional education in which women do not take the first step, which means that sexual enjoyment is limited and sometimes non-existent. So on OneHowTo.com we give you some tips and advice for you to learn to let down your walls and discover how to be more daring in bed. Dare to try!

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Steps to follow:


Dare to take the initiative. One of the things that men do not stand about women in bed is that they always have to be the ones who take the first step. Men enjoy when women show desire, when we take the initiative, so do not be afraid to take the first step and increase the temperature of your encounters by taking control.


Variety is the spice so learn to vary! If your usual position is missionary, if you have never seen a Kamasutra in your life and can't bring yourself to experiment with it, we assure you that you have not tried real sexual pleasure. Changing positions and exploring is one of the best ways to discover what we like.

And to help you we'll give a clue, discover what the most pleasurable sexual positions for women are, in this article.


At the end of the day it is normal to feel tired, but for a woman who really enjoys sex: there is always time for sex.

So it is important not to let stress or fatigue take control of your life, put aside fatigue and stress and go for sex, do not become the girl who always says no and has a constant headache, because it is said that sex is actually a good home remedy to get rid of headache.


If you feel you do not dare to bed because your libido is low, how about stimulating it a bit? It is proven that the more sex you want the more sex you have, but you could start to attract desire again.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to lay down with your partner and practice petting. Caresses and intense kisses will turn you on. Another alternative is erotica literature, which can help you reconnect with your sexual side and push you to take the initiative and become a spicy girl.


To be more daring in bed there is nothing like pleasing and revealing some fantasies. Ask your man about their hidden desires and explore if you can fulfil any of them.

In addition tell him what yours are, there are many ways to realize our fantasies, from erotic costumes, sex toys, role playing games etc., all alternatives to make your sexual encounters much hotter and intense, do you dare?


To become bold in bed it's important that you make sex important in your life. It is not something you do only to please your partner, intimacy should be enjoyed by both, so the better you relate to your sexual side the more you dare to make the first move, play and explore.

There is nothing to fear! and it is very important to understand that. We should feel full, comfortable and happy in private and that depends in part on ourselves. Always go one step further, enjoy sexual encounters, tell your man what you like, talk about sex with him, enjoy intense orgasms and make each round worth it.

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Image: news.charlesayoub.com
How to be more daring in bed