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How to Deal with a Virgin Man

How to Deal with a Virgin Man

You may know of a lot of men who have slept with a girl for her first time and have "taken" her virginity, so to speak. However, what happens if it is the man who is a virgin and is going out with a woman who isn't? If both of you have never had intercourse, everything will be know for both of you, but what happens if you're an experienced partner and your male friend has none at all? At oneHOWTO we want to show you how to deal with a Virgin man so it's carefree for both of you and you can both have a pleasurable and satisfying time together.

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  1. Are you sure he's a virgin?
  2. How does your partner deal with being a virgin
  3. How to take your boyfriend's virginity
  4. Tips on taking a guy's virginity

Are you sure he's a virgin?

The first step is to know if a guy is a virgin. Although you should always give them the benefit of the doubt, some men may just say they are virgins because it makes the girl feel more special or want to assure the girl or guy there is no chance of getting an STD. Look for the signs that he's being honest with you.

On the other hand, he may not have said specifically that he's a virgin but you may be suspecting due to certain behaviors. As we'll explain below, his attitude will determine how you should act in order to make the man feel OK.

How does your partner deal with being a virgin

It is obviously not the same, being a male virgin in your twenties cannot be the same as being a male virgin in your 30s and 40s. Nerves pile up as a man ages and does not have sex. A man may be ashamed of this situation no matter at what age, so they could act nervous if you start moving towards a more sexual area. The fact is that, if he acts shy towards sex, he is not likely to start any sexual advances and is waiting for you to do so. Shy virgins tend to need permission from their partner to go to the next level. Therefore, in this case it's time for you to take the reigns by physically guiding him around more sexual ground in order for him to be comfortable and you can both move on to the next level.

On the other hand, certain virgin boys hide their lack of practice by acting extra-sexually. Trying to act like some kind of fuckboy, trying to externalize all his sexual desires but never giving their virginity up, it's time for you to enjoy the guy's discovery and let him explore his sexuality with you for the first time. This is the type of man that won't admit to his virginity many times, so make sure you are respectful and, instead of verbalizing his lack of experience, it's best to redirect him in what he should be doing in a positive manner.

How to Deal with a Virgin Man - How does your partner deal with being a virgin

How to take your boyfriend's virginity

When the time comes, whether you have both talked about it (which is always a much better option) or you feel the time is coming, it's highly important to know that, no matter what, you will have to take the reigns of this first sexual relationship. A man's first experience can mark how he views and does sex for some time, so make sure he knows how to hit the right buttons.

  1. The first step to take your boyfriend's virginity is to have everything set so that he doesn't have to think about anything. Think condoms (always) and lube if necessary. Make sure you choose a calm place where nobody can disturb you. Put on some ambiance music if you want to, but this may distract the man, it all depends on his character.
  2. Don't let him rush you into sex, make sure he enjoys foreplay and make sure you enjoy his inexperience too. Don't tell him not to do this and that, but rather guide his hand through your body if needed, enjoy his reaction to each caress. Remember you may have to help him put the condom on, so try doing it in a sexy and natural way so he doesn't feel embarrassed.
  3. When it comes to penetration, find a position in which you both feel comfortable. There car certain positions for the first time that are better than others, but the most important is that you can easily move towards penetration.
  4. Although the man may be over-confident, remember that, when you're taking your boyfriend's virginity, the encounter may not last very long. This is normal, so don't make him feel bad that he finished in a short time.
How to Deal with a Virgin Man - How to take your boyfriend's virginity

Tips on taking a guy's virginity

To deal with a virgin man, there are certain useful tips you can use to take his virginity:

  • Be straightforward. Play with your guy, turn him on and tease him as long as it's both fun for both of you.
  • A man will be at his most vulnerable when having sex for the first time. This is something you need to understand, so if you want to see him again, make him feel comfortable and avoid any situation that could embarrass him.
  • Make his first time something he'll remember, so setting the mood is highly important. You should also remember to use a condom even if it is his first time to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • A guy can lose his virginity in many ways. Although vaginal penetration is what is considered standard, remember there are also other options such as anal penetration.

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How to Deal with a Virgin Man