How to Fondle a Woman's Breasts

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Fondle a Woman's Breasts

One of a woman's most sensitive areas is her breasts. This is because they are full of nerve endings that make them much more sensitive to touch, increasing the sensitivity of the nipples and areolas (the part that surrounds them), regardless of their size and shape. Although not all women or all breasts are the same, they do respond to stimuli exerted on them.

Knowing how to fondle a woman's breasts properly can lead to an orgasm, because they are directly connected to the clitoris. If you want to know how to do it, at OneHowTo we are going to explain how to fondle a woman's breasts to achieve greater excitement during intercourse.

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Steps to follow:

The way that you start fondling a woman's breasts has to be accompanied by more stimuli -do not start directly on that area. It is important that the act itself comes after previous kissing, fondling and caressing. Approaching the breasts slowly and in a deliberate manner will increase the woman's excitement. No need to rush or turn our attention directly to them, but only do so after a tour of her neck or stomach in order to approach the breasts sensually.

Do not forget that in the period before menstruation and during this time, the breasts are more sensitive and hard. In those times, you should caress her in a softer way so as to avoid causing any discomfort and even pain.

How to Fondle a Woman's Breasts - Step 1

If we want to fondle her breasts with our hands the correct way to do this is with soft but intense movements, stroking the entire breast area including the nipples and areolas. Start from the outer area and work your way to the centre of the breasts. It is important that we pay attention to the whole breast, trying not to press too hard in order to avoid causing her any pain.

It is also important that we caress both breasts and not dwell only on one but to vary from one to another. Start slowly because the breasts are parts of the body that are activated slowly, although perfect stimulation of them can achieve maximum pleasure for a woman.

How to Fondle a Woman's Breasts - Step 2

Touch and stimulate the nipples and areolas with your fingertips. You can caress and press them carefully, even using the index finger and thumb to rub. Try gently pinching and pay attention to stimuli that causes her to breathe rapidly, moan or move - that way you'll know where the limits of her pleasure are. When caressing the nipples you'll immediately notice how they harden and the areola contracts.


You can stimulate a woman's breasts with your mouth. Walk your lips and tongue over the breasts, focusing on the nipple, and you will see an immediate reaction to this stimulation. The sensation of the mouth is very nice on the breasts of a woman due to its heat and wetness, which will encourage her excitement to rise significantly - as long as we do so with care, except on those women who like more abrupt movements. Use your lips to kiss all around the chest, your tongue to lick and your mouth to bite and suck them gently.

How to Fondle a Woman's Breasts - Step 4

You can use other elements to caress the breasts of a woman such as lubricating gel or oil which would raise the temperature of the chest and make it easier for the hands to move around the area, as well as make the area even more sensitive. You can do this with flavored lubricants to facilitate the mouth as well.

Other elements that will make it more playful and sensual are playing with chocolate, whipped cream or any flavor that you like - that way, licking the breasts and the sweet gel at the same time will increase your curiosity and excitement.


This is how to fondle a woman's breasts; pay attention to her reactions and she will enjoy it for sure.

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How to Fondle a Woman's Breasts
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How to Fondle a Woman's Breasts

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