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How to Stimulate the Breasts

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 2, 2018
How to Stimulate the Breasts

Breasts are one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the female body. Whether large or small, kissing and caressing breasts can be an important part of foreplay. Teasing and playing with them can be immensely pleasurable for both (or all) parties involved. It's not just foreplay where breast play can be pleasurable. If you want to make the most of different types of sexual excursions, then making sure not to neglect the breasts is imperative. In this oneHOWTO article we'll help show you what to do for those just setting out and help improve technique for those with a little more experience. We'll also show you how to stimulate the breasts during all kinds of positions and escapades.

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  1. Breast sensitivity
  2. Stimulating your own breasts
  3. Importance of foreplay when stimulating breasts
  4. Removing her bra
  5. Use what you have
  6. Tease the nipple
  7. Increase the action
  8. Stimulating breasts during sex

Breast sensitivity

Found in a recent study of all the extragenital areas of the body (i.e. not the genitals), those "that gave the highest exciting effect when stimulated were the breasts and nipples"[1]. This means that women can find immense arousal from their breasts alone. There is even some evidence to support the theory that women can achieve orgasm through nipple and breast arousal exclusively[2]. They are called called non-genital orgasms and evidence supporting them was discovered by Komisaruk and Whipple at Rutger's University, Newark. They are something you might find worth investigating in a non-laboratory environment.

The size of breast doesn't matter in terms of deriving pleasure from the area. All breasts can enjoy some level of stimulation. Dr. Alan Matarasso[3] claims that larger breasts might be less sensitive to touch than smaller ones. While there is little evidence to support this, there is a study from the University of Vienna which claims that the skin of the breast is the most sensitive, with the nipple itself being the least[4].

However, according to Younis, Fattah and Maamoun, "the highest sensitivity is in the nipple, followed by the areola and then the lateral surface"[5]. Many people's experience will indicate that the nipple is indeed the most sensitive part. The good news is that it doesn't matter, the whole breast contains an enormous concentration of nerve endings. This is the same in all women, but each woman has different levels of sensitivity to certain stimuli. These may indeed include size and shape, but it is difficult for a girl to remain indifferent to a good touch or kiss in that area.

Stimulating your own breasts

Women can enjoy stimulating their breasts, even during masturbation. If you are a woman who has tried this, you might get some extra pleasure from it, but you may find that you will only get so far when you stimulate nipples yourself. This is because, according to a study in 2016, "the total bodily area triggering sexual arousal was significantly smaller during masturbation versus having sex with a partner"[6].

Having a partner to help stimulate and explore all your pleasure centers means greater intensity of enjoyment. With either men or women touching a woman's breasts, you want to explore the best ways to make the most of their sensitivity. You can go slow or hard, depending on your sexual preference, but you will both need to start slow if you don't know your limits.

Importance of foreplay when stimulating breasts

Before you start touching her breasts, remember that foreplay is important. You don't want to just lunge at them and think this is a sexy move. You need to set the scene, make your partner feel comfortable and work your way up. This might mean turning down the lights, creating a mood with some candles or even dressing in a particular way. Of course not all women will find this sexy (many might simply think it is cliché), so work with your partner to know what stimulates them and gets them in a sexy mood.

Also, prepare your hands. You might have resisted the urge to grab, but you will also want to make sure your mitts aren't cold. Some people like to include ice in foreplay to arouse the nipples, but this is the desired effect. Having cold and/or clammy hands is not sexy, it's off-putting.

Undressing is part of foreplay and can be as sexy as you want it to be. Sometimes you are in the throes of passion and you just want to rip them off and get to it. Often, taking it slow and dropping items of clothes one by one can help increase pleasure.

If the girl you are with is wearing a bra, you don't even have to take the bra off first to start stimulating her. Kiss her on the mouth and rub your chest against hers. Move your kisses down her neck and start kissing the exposed top of her breasts (we already know how sensitive this area can be). Nuzzle and play to get her aroused. With your face against her chest, slowly take off her bra with your hands behind her back.

If you need a little help, we can also show you how to undo a bra strap with one hand.

How to Stimulate the Breasts - Importance of foreplay when stimulating breasts

Removing her bra

Once the bra strap is released, you can slowly start pulling it off. If you are increasing the sensuality, then the bra coming off should be a titillating act in itself. You have already used your kisses, so you can either continue to kiss down her breasts or you can get your hands involved.

Slowly, move the tips of your fingers in a circular motion around her breasts. Be gentle and light, too much stimulation too soon can cause discomfort. Make sure you are paying attention to her responses and react to them. If you find her to not be reacting well, go slower and provide a light tickle. Reassure her with your hands. If you find that she is enjoying it as you start your gentle brush against her breasts, increase the intensity slowly. This will help build up her enjoyment and also make her vagina wet with anticipation.

Make sure you move your hands and face all around her breasts. Regardless if they are big or small, making the effort to explore all of them will go a long way.

Use what you have

You can use your mouth and hands, but you might want to increase her enjoyment by using other methods for how to stimulate her breasts. If you are a man playing with a woman's breasts, then it's possible you might have a beard. If you do, you can use this to tickle her breasts. Five o'clock shadow (stubble) might be a little too hard for this and nobody wants stubble rash, so be careful.

You can also use soft material, like a feather or some pure cotton sheets. Use soft sheets to cover the breasts even and play with them through the sheet before removing them. You can repeat this a few times to increase pleasure. If you are a woman playing with another woman's breasts, then why not use yours against hers? This can mean great excitement for both of you, especially if you are being equally generous in bed.

Tease the nipple

Now that you have covered (or uncovered) the rest of her breasts, you can start with the nipple. Keep up a gentle breast tickle with your hands, but ove it down to the areola. If it is true and you are working towards the most sensitive area, it will only increase her enjoyment.

Tease and tickle the areola (this is the circular shape around the protruding end of the nipple) and then move in towards the nipple. Once you do this with your hands, you can start to use your mouth also. Kiss, lick and tickle them gently at first. You can increase the movement as you go and even bite down gently, in a playful way. Be extra sensitive to her responses here, as her nipples may be too delicate to stand even a playful bite.

How to Stimulate the Breasts - Tease the nipple

Increase the action

Once you have started to tickle and play with all of the breast, you both should be getting pretty hot. This teasing can really help intensify your orgasm later on, so don't neglect it. Once you are all hot and bothered, you can squeeze the breasts a little with your full hand. The pace of your lovemaking should be raised and this can be a bit of a pay off for her. Remember how sensitive her breasts are, so only go as far as she wants you to.

If you haven't already, move one hand further south while your other is on the breasts. With this other hand you can stimulate her clitoris and get her ready for penetration (if that's where it is going).

Stimulating breasts during sex

We have more articles here about sex positions which involve stimulating the breasts, so we'll just go over the basics here.

Missionary position can be a great way for you both to enjoy her breasts during sex. This is particularly the case if you are taller than her. Kiss her breasts and nipples as you thrust and use your hands to cup them. If you find it too difficult to reach down to her chest, don't make awkward motions with your hands, this will only distract you both.

Doggy style is also great for breast touch. When you are taking her from behind, you can reach forward and tweak her nipples, tickle the side of her breasts or give them a loving squeeze when your pleasure intensifies.

If you are performing oral sex on her, then make sure to reach up and use your hands to make this fun practice even more pleasurable. You can move your hands up her belly and then go towards the breasts, racking up pleasure and increasing your tongue movement as you go.

If you are a man, she can enjoy stimulating her breasts and you enjoy her stimulating you. As she leans over you, you can use the tip of your penis to stimulate and touch her nipples. This is something she might want to do herself, but either way it can be great for both of you.

Once you have learned how to stimulate the breasts properly, you will both start to know what she likes and which direction you move in. Maybe she's not that interested and wants to explore other body parts to stimulate. Maybe she loves it so much she might want to get other toys involved like nipple clamps or similar. If you're respectful and don't move too fast too soon, it should help you lead to the intense orgasm you're both looking for.

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  • Remember that this area is highly sensitive and that stimuli are welcome but always in a gentle way.
  • Sucking and biting are very pleasurable, but do not do them with too much force or you will hurt your partner.

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