How to Pleasure a Woman Without Intercourse

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 19, 2019
How to Pleasure a Woman Without Intercourse

Although we have been led to believe that penetration is the climax of sex, the reality is that it is possible and even more exciting to have an orgasm without penetration. Couples who practicing petting know this very well. Caressing, kissing, licking and stimulating the female body has its rewards - and creates enormous pleasure. Don't know where to start? OneHOWTO will explain how to please a woman without penetrative intercourse and achieve a hot and steamy experience.

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  1. Can I make a woman orgasm without sex?
  2. Where to stimulate a woman for orgasm
  3. Do not forget her nipples and breasts
  4. Other tips for sexual pleasure without penetration

Can I make a woman orgasm without sex?

Clearly, penetrative intercourse is an important part of sex and this article does not seek to say otherwise. But it is possible to pleasure a woman without necessarily needing to resort to it. Of course, we must establish that every woman's body is different and will be more sensitive to different touches and sensations. Exploring her body is key and we encourage you to openly discuss your sexual preferences. The first steps you must take is to know the erogenous zones of the female body. So you know which are the most important points to stimulate. We will continue talking from a heterosexual perspective for ease. But ladies, there are plenty of following tips to use on your female partner also.Let's move on, so we can show you just how to please a woman sexually step by step.

Where to stimulate a woman for orgasm

Oral sex, rubbing, masturbation and direct stimulation of the breasts, are the four best ways to arouse a woman without penetration. This quartet of strategies will serve to drive your girl crazy without having to resort to intercourse.Oral sex is a great ally and there are many ways to do it pleasantly. You can start gently caressing her labia majora with your tongue, a move that will certainly excite your girl very much.The labia minora, near the vaginal opening, are also a peak of sensitivity. Here you can caress her with your tongue, with your lips or very gently use your hands to masturbate her and give her a lot of pleasure.There's something every guy knows about: the clitoris, which is a huge area of pleasure for women. Therefore it is important learn to stimulate it if you want to pleasure a woman without needing to penetrate her. You can gently use your hands or give her amazing oral sex.Source:

How to Pleasure a Woman Without Intercourse - Where to stimulate a woman for orgasm

Although when normally speaking of the vagina we refer to the entire female genital area, the reality is that the vagina is only the hole through which the woman is normally penetrated. Of course, this point can also be stimulated in various ways, either by entering your tongue or your fingers.If you find the G spot and stimulate it with your finger, your partner will receive pleasure without penetration, making them likely to reach orgasm.There is a hot spot that few guys take into account and that, if properly stimulated, offers maximum pleasure. This is the perineum the piece of skin located between the anus and the vagina. Caress it gently with your fingers or your tongue and watch your girl get excited without you penetrating her.Anal stimulation is also a fantastic way to get things hot. But before touching with your finger, insert or lick the anal orifice, but it is very important to know if your girl is comfortable with this idea. Although very exciting, some women have prejudices against anal practices. Ladies, discover the reason men fantasize about anal sex in our article.

How to Pleasure a Woman Without Intercourse -

Do not forget her nipples and breasts

And of course after all this wonderful passage through the female anatomy, breasts can never be overlooked. Note that you should not caress too hard, and that for some women it is more exciting than for others to stimulate this area. Although it is always good to give them the necessary attention.

Nipple play can be extremely effective for women with some claiming to have had intense orgasms from it. Nipples release oxytocin, the hormone that makes us feel good and loved. In order to provide your female partner with the most intense nipple play, implement the following tips:

  • Tease her and start slowly. Don't begin on her breasts immediately. Perhaps her stomach or shoulders. Caress her gently and slowly work your way to her breasts. Oil is recommended for a smooth and sensual experience.
  • Circling her breasts in large strokes whilst avoiding the nipples will build anticipation and raise her temperature immensely. The waiting will drive her crazy, but it will be worth it.
  • Once she can't take it anymore, move onto her nipples. Once you gently rub them you can begin pinching and biting them - but be sure not to do this too hard. A woman can quickly go from feeling pleasure to pain!
How to Pleasure a Woman Without Intercourse - Do not forget her nipples and breasts

Other tips for sexual pleasure without penetration

Of course, as well as touching her erogenous zones, there are other techniques that can be used to achieve an intense sexual experience - without penetrative stimulation.

One tip to remember is that the longer you hold out, the more excited she will get. Building anticipation and impatience is key to intense stimulation. Don't leave any part of her body untouched.

Sex toys

Some people will immediately think of dildos or other penetrative shapes when we mention sex toys. However, there are a variety on the market today. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and you can even find hands-free vibrators! Furthermore, stimulating oils and lubes are a fantastic addition to the bedroom that doesn't need to be used for intercourse.

Watch each other masturbate

Of course this won't be for everyone. You need to be comfortable with your body and your sexual desires. However, many of us are incredibly turned on when we see someone pleasuring themselves. As well as a bit of a tease, because you want to touch them also, the fact you cannot is exciting and intensifies your sensations. The "no touching" rule may seem cruel, but it is very effective.

Dirty talk

If this is new to you, don't fret. There is no need to delve right into the dirtiest or kinkiest things to say. Moreso, this may seem unlike you and will make the situation awkward. The brain is our largest sex organ and this can often get overlooked. Surprisingly, it is indeed possible to orgasm or get so hot from dirty talk without any physical stimulation. Try it out!

If you follow these steps you will see how you can manage to pleasure a woman without penetration. The experience will be incredibly enjoyable for both of you. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to please a woman sexually step by step.

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