How to French kiss a boy

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to French kiss a boy

It evokes the glamorous cinema of the '40s, but the truth is that a French kiss is a type of kiss where the tongue is the star of all the passion and action. If you've never french-kissed before or want to imporve your technique to be a better lover, at we'll explain step by step how to French kiss a boy.

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Steps to follow:

Having sexy lips that aren't chapped or dry is the first step to a successful French kiss. Keep them moist and wash your teeth thoroughly so you're sure you don't have bad breath.


For a French kiss you should both lean your heads opposite to each other so that your noses don't collide and you can freely move your tongue. If the kiss is long, you can separate briefly and change the position of your head to be more comfortable.


The best thing about kissing, is the possibility of completely disconnecting from the world and only living in the moment, so close your eyes and get ready to enjoy the experience.


Go slowly and don't force your tongue into your partner's mouth or the spell will be broken. The idea is to start with slow movements to open the mouth with the tip of your tongue, as the heat of the moment intensifies and the kisses become more steamy. Kissing is also a matter of rhythm and sensations.


Once you're passionately kissing, use your tongue as a tool to explore and have fun with your partner, rubbing his tongue, playing with it, stopping a second to subtly and gently nibble his lower lip and then continuing to kiss gently but passionately.


Remember that when French kissing, it's important to breathe and not run out of breath. Concentrate on the sensations, enjoy the moment, explore creatively to increase pleasure, keep up the intensity of the kiss and above all, have fun and show your partner how much you love to kiss him.


And if you've really enjoyed yourself, don't hesitate to repeat it, because there's nothing better than a bit of passion to spark a relationship.

Now you know how to French kiss, you may be to shy to start, so at OneHowto we want to show you how to make a boy kiss you without asking.

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How to French kiss a boy
How to French kiss a boy

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