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What Kisses Turn a Guy on the Most

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By Mary Smith. Updated: October 31, 2017
What Kisses Turn a Guy on the Most
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Whether it's from a rose, an upside down superhero or experienced on the bough of a soon to be sunken ship, there are many ways you can kiss a guy. Every guy will have his own personal taste, so there are no definitive kisses for everyone. However, there are some kisses which are all but guaranteed to turn a guy on. These kisses will be sure to satisfy, to turn them on if you want to initiate something more or even get them going again if your first kisses already worked. oneHOWTO shares what kisses turn a guy on the most. If you're daring enough to try them they will be just as good at creating a passionate first time as they will be at reigniting an old flame.

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Steps to follow:

Big wet kiss

In general, women are more fond of kissing than men. While this might sound like a sweeping generalization, it is also the finding of Oxford University in a 2013 report[1]. This is due to a tendency for women to prefer romantic kisses, whereas men more often respond to a French kiss[2]. Again, these will change from person to person, but the findings of kissing reports tend to suggest men are more into kissing as a prelude to something more.

If you want to provide kisses to turn a guy on, it seems like you will have to use his predisposed enjoyment of big lipped wet kisses. A French kiss, otherwise known as kissing with tongues, can be done in different ways. If you want to make it passionate, you can grab him by the shoulders and plant your lips on his. This will be even more arousing if you have managed to seduce him for a little while first. Use your tongue to play and respond to his. He will most likely find it hot and respond by being turned on. Remember, a big wet kiss doesn't mean a forceful kiss. Only put more pressure on the kiss if the guy responds, not everyone is into it.


Sensual kiss

French kissing isn't just pushing your lips together and sticking out your tongue like you're blowing a raspberry. While being amorous and bold with your kisses can be a great way to turn him on, sometimes slow and steady wins the race. This is even more so if you are with a more cerebral guy who like a little seduction rather than just going for gold.

Start by slowly pressing your lips against his, kissing his top lip with both of yours. Slowly open up his lips and slide your tongue to touch his. When you do, bring it back out to tease him. Then go back in for a little more. This should simmer his arousal and turn him on slowly.


What Kisses Turn a Guy on the Most - Step 2

Small kisses

According to the Kama Sutra, kissing on the corners of his mouth will truly ignite a guy's passion. Although it may seem like an innocent kiss, it's full of suggestion and will leave him with a sweet taste in his mouth. According to the same study from William Cane, only 10% of guys like being kissed on the neck. We don't remember being asked for this survey, so we're taking this one with a pinch of salt.

Kiss him on the neck and move up to the mouth. Slowly kiss at the corners of his mouth and be tender all over. This means once you move to kiss him on the mouth, he should be turned on enough to feel a spark.


Biting kiss

Contrary to popular belief, unless they are particularly fond of roughness, most guys won't want you to simply bite into their lips like they've got hot dogs instead of a mouth. If you draw blood, you might turn him off more than on.

However, a well placed sensual bite can really turn a guy on. As you are kissing his lips, slide both of yours over his lower lip. Press your teeth down gently and tug, not rip, his lip. This way you will show a display of animal magnetism, something which should turn him on.


The kiss back

Depending on the guy, he might like to be more or less submissive. One way to find out is to kiss him hard and quick, then withdraw. Hold yourself back until he makes his move. This will appeal to guys who like to exert a little more control. You are still initiating and showing your interest, however, he will get to reciprocate and get involved.

Whatever type of kiss you want to turn a guy on, make sure you are prepared. Have soft lips and set the scene. Foreplay will make the prelude to your kiss more exciting, meaning he should be truly turned on by the time you make your first move.

Move slowly and respond to his movements. He might be shy or he might be brave, either way you can respond in kind.


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What Kisses Turn a Guy on the Most