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What Kisses Turn a Girl on the most

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 9, 2017
What Kisses Turn a Girl on the most

Kissing is much more than mere contact with the lips of another person. Kisses are stimulants of desire, they increase arousal and pleasure. They are the key to conquest and sexual satisfaction, a good kiss is capable of making a difference and making us feel very, very special. In this oneHOWTO article, we focus on the kisses that turn women on the most, their favorites. Check them out and bring them into play!

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  1. More than lips
  2. Neck kisses
  3. Kisses on breasts
  4. Passionate kisses
  5. Sweet kisses
  6. French kissing that will turn her on

More than lips

The first step to turn a girl on when kissing is making sure they taste good. Therefore, make sure you have scrubbed your teeth appropriately, have no food in between your teeth and have a nice fresh breath. There is nothing that will turn her off more than a bad tasting mouth so take this into account.

We also advise you not exclusively limit yourself to mouth kissing, the key is to go much beyond that. Be passionate, kissing her lips but combine it with other sweet and tender kisses on the cheeks, chin, etc. and use your hands, simultaneously, to caress her. Also nibble her softly to add more passion and excitement. These kinds of kisses are ideal to impress and please your girl.

A kiss that she is not expecting is one of the kisses that will turn a girl on the most.

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What Kisses Turn a Girl on the most - More than lips

Neck kisses

Surprise a woman with soft and tender kisses on her neck, it is a subtle and delicious way to turn her on. Pull her hair aside, cover her neck with sweet kisses, alternating with tender erotic licking up to her ear. A delicious kiss in this area can be very pleasurable and increase the women's libido. For more detailed information, make sure you take a look at our article on how to give good neck kisses.

Likewise, kisses on the back of her neck, soft and gentle, will make her hair stand on edge, especially if she is not expecting a kiss at all. The soft impact of your kiss in this area will be an immediate turn on. Embrace her while you do to make her go crazy.

Kisses on breasts

Other exciting kisses for women are kisses on the breasts. This is one of the main female erogenous zones if properly stimulated she will be wrapped in an enormous sense of pleasure. Taking into account their particular sensitivity, softly kiss, and caress her nipple with your tongue. If you notice that she likes it, try to gradually increase the intensity.

Passionate kisses

For those passionate moments where you want to increase the maximum pleasure and foreplay, the Kiss without a clock may be one of the kisses that most turns on a women. Focus all your attention on the woman's body. Cover every corner of her body with soft, insinuating kisses, accompanied by caresses and light nibbling.

Sweet kisses

Very tender kisses always triumph among girls and that is because there is nothing sweeter than your partner delighting you with kisses such as the Awakening kiss or the Nominal kiss. The Awakening kiss is a slight contact with the lips on the woman's temple to wake her affectionately, a great way to start the day.

Meanwhile, the nominal kiss refers to after kissing the girl, gently caressing her lips with your fingers, it can be very provocative and tempting.

French kissing that will turn her on

French kissing can be quite sloppy if not done correctly. Too much tongue, lots of saliva or rapid and strong movements can ruin the mood in no time at all. Make sure you combine lip kisses with French kisses and use your tongue softly and gently, entwine with hers to make sure she is loving your French kiss and is getting turned on. For more, take a look at this article on how to French kiss.

In general, women, apart from enjoying a good kiss that is passionate and tender at the same time, love to feel emotionally attracted to man. To achieve this, play and joke with her at the time as kissing her, interrupt the kiss, alternate it with short, gentle strokes on the lips, gently grab her hair, whisper in her ear suggesting things... she's bound to be speechless!

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What Kisses Turn a Girl on the most