How to Get Rid of a Hickey

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get Rid of a Hickey

Hickeys, also known as love bites, are bruises left on the skin caused by bites or strong suction with the mouth and are often related to sexual activity. Although they can appear anywhere on the body, they are usually most frequent on the neck. They do not pose any serious health problems, but it is true that they often attract attention. So many people who are left with this type of mark in a highly visible area try to find a way to remove, or at least mask it. In this OneHowTo article, we'll help you solve this situation by giving you the best tips for how to remove a hickey.

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Steps to follow:

First, it is important to be patient, as hickeys are not going to magically disappear from your skin. They usually take 5 to 15 days to disappear, although this depends on each individual and their blood circulation. However, don't be alarmed, because it will eventually disappear completely and your skin will regain its natural tone.


As hickeys are bruises, they respond really well to cold, which softens its colour and takes the swelling down. Whether you use an ice bag or a spoon that you've left in the freezer for a few minutes, place it on the mark and leave it to sit for a few minutes. It is important that you don't overdo the application time. Anything more than 15 minutes could be a problem rather than a solution because it could burn the skin.


Makeup is undoubtedly the handiest method, especially for girls, in camouflaging and hiding love bites on the skin. This will have no direct effect on making a hickey go away, but it is very useful when you need to hide it at all costs. Try searching for a concealer that will be suited to disguising the mark, as hickeys are not always the same colour and as time goes by, they also change in colour intensity. Apply the product on the hickey, giving little touches with your fingers or with the help of a sponge.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey - Step 3

If the hickey has happened during the winter, you're in luck. In this case, neckerchiefs, scarves and turtlenecks will be your allies for hiding it perfectly. As with makeup, it will not speed up the process of making the mark disappear, but it will help to hide it, as well as protecting you from the cold during days with low temperatures.


Brushing a soft bristle brush over the affected area will cause the blood to circulate better and alleviate the hickey. Brush it in a circular motion, from the centre outwards, without applying any excessive pressure on the area as you may otherwise cause further marks. Note that this area will be very sensitive for a few days.


Some well-known ointments are available over the counter at pharmacies which will reduce the swelling and soften the colour of the bruise. Such products have a thrombolytic action which help to make blood clots on the surface of the skin disappear, especially ointments which are recommended for varicose veins, tired legs and bruises. You must apply it gently in a circular massage motion over the area until the skin has completely absorbed it.

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All of these tips can be a great help for removing a hickey and making them disappear faster. However, the best advice we can give is that you avoid getting these marks before they have been left. Prevention is always better than a cure.

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How to Get Rid of a Hickey
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How to Get Rid of a Hickey

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