How to Kiss a Man's Body

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 22, 2017
How to Kiss a Man's Body

If your goal is to seduce a guy until you take him to the height of pleasure, there's no doubt knowing how to kiss each part of him body is fundamental. Men, as do women, enjoy pampering and caressing, but a good dose of seduction also elevates the temperature to the maximum. Do you know how to kiss a man's body? oneHOWTO will give you all the details.

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Steps to follow:

Some kisses turn guys on more than others and, although the mouth is always the center of this practice, the rest of your partner's body is equally sensitive, making it possible to caress your lips and give him pleasure with all the sensuality you can give in each kiss.

However, you should know that the ancient book of the Kama Sutra is full of lip kisses that will help you spice things up too. Take a look at the different kisses from the Kama Sutra for more information.


The important thing when kissing a man's body is to go slowly and be very clear what their erogenous zones are, thus you will point directly to the most sensitive areas offering much more satisfaction.


The ears and neck are perfect zones to start heating up. This way you can use wet and sensual kisses that make it clear you want him to fully enjoy.


As we have pointed out, the ears are very sensitive and a kiss given well in this part generates a sexual stimulation that is very powerful. Of course, first of all you must take into account that delicacy and tenderness will be your best weapons to increase your partner's libido. Leave the rush and the sudden movements behind and follow the steps below for a perfect ear kiss.

  1. Approach your partner's ear slowly, first stop very close but without touching it with your lips. Let him feel your breath and the warmth of your breath for a few seconds. This will lead to more of a chill in this experience.
  2. Begin to gently kiss the lobe of the ear, do it very softly and tenderly. Alternate tender kisses with a few erotic licking in this area.
  3. Then start to ascend gradually and run around the contour of the ear with the tip of the tongue very slowly and smoothly. At the end, surprise him with a few loving little nibbles.
  4. It is important that while you kiss the ear, you caress other parts of his body so that the excitement is progressing. You can hold and run your fingers through the nape of the neck, play with his hair and run your fingers through his body, passing through the neck, chest, abdomen, etc. until you get to stimulate his intimate area. All this, will cause you great pleasure and it will be very tempting.


Neck kisses are one of men's favorites. If done right, they can become highly aroused in just a second. To give good neck kisses, remember you should also be equally gentle due to the sensitivity of the area. Giving hickeys is also an option, which we advise you to leave for when you are both in the heat of the moment, even though you should still be careful.

How to Kiss a Man's Body - Step 3

Chest and abdomen

Then, go down to the chest and abdomen are with small kisses followed by soft caressing. If there's a special spot you prefer, stop there and kiss it softly and lick the area to boost erotism.

A great trick you can use to kiss a man's chest is to open your mouth slightly, pressing your lips hard against his skin and kissing it while you gently suction his skin with your mouth open too. The pressure he'll feel will make him shiver all over.

Keep going down, tease him and kiss in upper parts of the chest or abdomen instead of moving on further down.


The pelvis

Pelvis bones and crotch are particularly sensual when kissing a man's body, as it's thanks to the closeness to the genital area that your man will inevitably feel excited if you kiss these areas. Licking briefly and accompanying this kiss with your body's touch will feel absolutely sensual. When the area is slightly humid, blow slightly, which will give your guy the chills.


Genital area

If you are going to go down to the genital area, a great idea is to combine manual stimulation with a couple of kissing tricks that your man will love.

The first technique is teabagging, which means that you will be playing with his testicles with your mouth.

Another extremely sensitive area where your guy will love to be kissed when stimulating his genital area is the perineum. While giving manual stimulation, gently lick the area or press your lips against it and suction slightly. He'll absolutely love it!

How to Kiss a Man's Body - Step 6

You can give soft kisses, caresses and light licks around any part of you man's body as long as you're both enjoying it, which is why being daring and giving a rim job is something you want to talk about before trying it. If you combine kisses on the lips you'll both have a great time.

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How to Kiss a Man's Body