How to Have Sex on a Plane Without Getting Caught

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have Sex on a Plane Without Getting Caught

Having sex on a plane is one of the most widespread sexual fantasies. Perhaps because it is not easy to do or because it is illegal, but many couples dream of it and try to go all the way before being discovered, having what is sure to be one of the most fun and exciting exploits a couple can have. If you are ready to take risks and face a fine or possible legal action, then at we explain how to have sex on a plane and not get caught so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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The idea of this practise being forbidden is very attractive, but before having sex on an aeroplane you should know that discretion is essential, for if someone catches you, you will be in big trouble. Depending on the country and the airline there may have different types of sanctions: fines, bans on travelling with the company, legal action, etc., so no one can know!


The best way to have sex on an aeroplane is to do it on a long overnight flight while most of the passengers are asleep, the lights are off and the airline staff is off guard. Here the chances of being caught are less.


We know that sex in a plane loo is tempting. But you can masturbate your partner in their seat without even needing to get up, this is certainly exciting. To do this you can cover yourself in the blankets that they frequently give you on this type of flight. Cover yourselves well, and use your hands discreetly to masturbate. Some oral sex is even possible if the passengers on the plane are still.

If you dare to masturbate your partner next to a stranger while he/she sleeps, you can make the experience truly exciting and full of adrenaline. Remember not to moan or make violent movements, enjoy it 'Zen style'.

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Having sex in a plane loo is what most couples want. Well you asked for it, so at OneHowTo are some tips to use if your goal is to do it in that tiny little room.

First, always do it when the lights are off and the film is showing. That's when many passengers are asleep or distracted by the film, while the crew is out of the aisle.


Never go to the loo together, have one go first if the corridor is clear, then the other after a few minutes. Establish a code to knock with absolute discretion and so the other opens. Calculate an estimated time and if after a few minutes the other doesn't come, the one inside can get out and try again after a while.

It is always preferable to use the loo at the rear of the plane.


Remember that a plane toilet is a tiny space so any noise or sudden movements may alert the crew. So be very quiet, don't moan or move. The idea is to go, penetrate, enjoy the madness and get out as quickly as possible, the perfect quickie.


Not sure what positions to use on a plane? In the picture we give you several options:

  • He sits on the toilet with the lid down and she gives him oral sex. Or she sits on his lap and he fingers her.
  • She sits on the toilet with legs spread and gives him oral sex
  • She turns her back to him and he vaginally penetrates her from behind
  • She sits on the sink and he penetrates her
  • Sitting or on the toilet
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The exit should be the same as the entrance, first one and then the other. If you hear any noise outside don't leave the loo or you could be discovered. If a queue has formed while you were doing your business, you'll need and excuse or backup plan. An ideal excuse is travel sickness, so make sure you have a sick bag in hand so you can successfully play the comforting partner once you come out.

With these tips you can experience sex on a plane. Cross your fingers you don't get caught!

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How to Have Sex on a Plane Without Getting Caught
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How to Have Sex on a Plane Without Getting Caught

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