How to Get Your Ex to Sleep with You Again

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 10, 2019
How to Get Your Ex to Sleep with You Again

People say that love is complicated; but sex doesn’t have to be. That may be true if they are talking about sleeping with a stranger that you will not see again in your life. However, when it comes to wanting to have sex with an ex may not be as easy as it seems. When you have been seeing someone for quite some time you will probably start to develop some feelings towards that person. If it ends up not working out, it may take some time for those feelings to go away. Wanting to have sex with your ex may resurface all those feelings.

In this oneHOWTO article we share how to get your ex to sleep with you again.

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Find the right time

When it comes to finding the right time, it is not about selecting a day and time of the day; but to make sure that enough time has passed since you both broke up. It is likely that you and your ex will need some time to heal a broken heart and that coming back together too quickly might mess up with your feelings.

You also need to consider whether your ex is already seeing someone else. You should try to reach up to your ex only if they are not seeing anyone at the time.

Communicate your intentions

Communication is the key to every relationship; whether that is a romantic, a business or just an amicable relationship. When you first try to approach your ex, remember to be clear about what you want out from getting in contact with them. If you are not open about this only being a one-time thing, the other person might think that you want to start hanging out again.

Communication is also essential to build up trust. You want your ex to want to be open to your intentions and be on board with what you have in mind. Being sneaky or deceiving will only but hurt any chances of hooking up again in the future.

How to Get Your Ex to Sleep with You Again - Communicate your intentions

Refrain from engaging in old habits

There is a reason why you both broke up. Despite trying to make it work out, you figured that you were not meant to be together. As soon as you start seeing each other again, it is very easy to fall back into old habits. Those same habits most likely ended up separating both of you.

The key is to try and avoid romantic gestures that remind you of old past times. Focus on building sexual desire and keep a look out for developing stronger feelings. That is to say, you may end up wanting to see where this new start will lead to for both of you.

Decide the terms of the relationship

Most people don’t want their partner to start seeing other people at the same time. Not everyone is comfortable with having an open relationship. The thing is, you are not exactly together if you are just meeting up to have sex.

There is no rush in making things public; but in order to avoid any confrontations or uncomfortable situations it is good to come towards a consensus on whether you two are exclusive. Perhaps you are not looking for a partner anytime soon; but maybe your ex much rather prefers you are not sleeping with other people at the same time.

How to Get Your Ex to Sleep with You Again - Decide the terms of the relationship

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How to Get Your Ex to Sleep with You Again
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How to Get Your Ex to Sleep with You Again

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