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How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 2, 2017
How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs

Medicinal plants have been used by man during centuries, as nature provides important and powerful remedies for many illnesses. That's why it's not surprising that many of them have effects on your libido, boosting it and improving your sexual encounters. Interested? oneHOWTO would like to explain how to increase your sex drive naturally. However, remember that depending on the source of the problem it will be necessary to seek for medical advice and follow the recommended treatment, although you may use these herbs as a reinforcement to improve your condition.

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  1. Why does our sex drive decrease?
  2. Ginseng
  3. Muira Puama
  4. Ginkgo biloba
  5. Ashwagandha root
  6. Dong Quai
  7. Ginger root
  8. Tongkat Ali
  9. Maca
  10. Other tricks to boost your sex drive naturally
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Why does our sex drive decrease?

The lack of libido or sex drive may be due to various factors and before deciding whether to take herbal remedies and choosing the correct ones, it is advisable to find out the specific source with the help of a doctor. Among the main causes of loss of sexual desire or libido are the following:

  • Routine and boredom in your sex life
  • Stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Depression
  • Rows and couple issues
  • Endocrine diseases or hormonal problems
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Menopause and Andropause
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Taking certain medicines

Medicinal plants or herbs can influence sexual desire, especially in those cases where it decreases due to hormonal factors, fatigue, fatigue and excessive stress, elements that affect the quality of sex.

How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs - Why does our sex drive decrease?


Ginseng is a very popular medicinal plant. It's also known for boosting your energy and improving our mental state in conditions such as depression and anxiety. Its ability to improve blood circulation, its antioxidant benefits and its effects on our state of mind and physical resistance, makes it a great alternative to increase your sex drive naturally and maximize your intimacy. You can choose to take infusions or teas of the root and the leaves, to take the commercial capsules or, to add the root of this plant in your diet, as part of any of your dishes.

How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs - Ginseng

Muira Puama

This Amazon plant is well known in Latin America, but in recent years has gained much popularity in the rest of the world for its beneficial properties. Muira Puama are shrubs that stimulate the body and, more specifically, the pelvic area so they increase sexual desire and are used to treat problems of erectile dysfunction and impotence.

The root is the part that is usually taken in various forms, but the wood of the rest of the bush is also very effective. Apart from its direct consumption, the most effective way is to take capsules and infusions, as well as to use the extract applied directly on the skin of the genital area, always following the indications on the doses of the container or the specialist.

Ginkgo biloba

One of the medicinal herbs most associated to sex drive is ginkgo biloba. It's known as an ideal plant to boost your energy and concentration, but it also has a great effect on reducing stress and making blood circulation better. In fact, it is one of the most potent aphrodisiac plants for men, although it is also very beneficial to treat this problem in women.

The best ways to take ginkgo biloba are infusions of the dried leaves of this plant or in capsules; both formats are available for sale in any natural products store. The dose to be taken will depend on each person, therefore it is advisable to follow the indications of the container, as well as those of a specialist.

How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs - Ginkgo biloba

Ashwagandha root

This plant is also known as Indian ginseng[1], oroval or bufera. It is considered one of the most effective herbal remedies to boost sexual desire because, thanks to its composition, it contains adaptogens, which stimulate both body and mind and improve the level of hormones related to sexuality. Likewise, taking this plant also improves male and female fertility.

Although it can be consumed in teas and infusions, to control well the doses of this powerful medicinal herb it is more advisable to take the capsules or pills. Always follow the instructions on the container and your doctor's to take ashwagandha root.

Dong Quai

The herb known as Angelica or Dong Quai in China, is one of the most associated to sexual conditions. It's used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and, according to various studies, can influence on estrogen production, which is essential to maintain sexual desire at an adequate level. As your sex drive diminishes during menopause, it's recommended for women who are going through this stage.

Again, it's necessary to take a look at the capsule container and ask a specialist to make sure you're taking the adequate dosage.

How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs - Dong Quai

Ginger root

Ginger is a medicinal plant with multiple uses, among them are digestion and inflammation decrease. But it can also help our sex drive life due to the important stimulation that it boosts in your blood circulation, which means firm, more pleasurable and lasting erections for women as the clitoris also benefits of a good circulation.

Ginger root can be eaten by including it in various delicious recipes in our usual diet. However, to achieve a greater effect and to do so in a short time, it is advisable to take it as a tea or in capsules, following the indications of the container and taking into account that, in the case of infusions or teas, it is not recommended to take more than two cups daily.

Tongkat Ali

It is one of the best herbal plants to make aphrodisiac teas for man, as it is undoubtedly one of the best herbs to boost erections, thanks to its ability to increase testosterone production in a completely natural way. Therefore, it is one of the most used to treat male impotence or erectile dysfunction in traditional Asian medicine.

In this case, although infusions and teas can be taken from this plant, twice a day at most, a daily intake of Tongkat Ali capsules is recommended, taking into account the exact doses indicated on the package.

Before consuming any of these medicinal plants it's important to make sure we can do so. Pregnant women or in lactation must consult a doctor, as people with important health issues must do.

Additionally, if your sex drive has decreased a lot and with no apparent reason, it's recommendable to visit a specialist.


According to recent studies[2], the Peruvian plant known as Lipidium meyenii or maca can actually increase sex drive in men effectively after 8 weeks of taking this plant. Maca will not increase levels of serum testosterone in adult males, but has proven to increase sperm count and fertility, as well as regulating hormonal imbalance at a psychological level too.

How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs - Maca

Other tricks to boost your sex drive naturally

Other ways of boosting your libido is by making a few lifestyle changes that will improve your stamina and energy. Take a look at these tips oneHOWTO would like to offer:

  • The brain plays a key role in sexual encounters, so a good strategy to increase your sex drive naturally is to think about sex. Imagine your partner engaged in sexual positions or certain fantasies that seem attractive, remembers those encounters which you have enjoyed the most together and attribute some space to sex in your mind. This will activate desire and help you take action more easily.
  • If it is hard to use your imagination to evoke good sexual moments with your partner or think about possible fantasies, then you can let erotic literature do the work for you.

There are many benefits of erotic literature in the matter of sex, and one of them is that it helps stimulate desire and become more active in bed, for a simple reason: these narratives excite us.

  • There is something that helps a lot to improve our sexual desire: to feel attractive and sexy. A good way of taking care of your health is by practising physical activity or eating better. But you can also go for a makeover or renew your dress style. Another tip is to buy new lingerie that you feel incredibly sexy in. If you feel sexy, you'll want to be sexy.

    If you feel good about yourself, if you feel attractive, and your sexual desire will likely return to you.

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle will help increase sex drive naturally. It is recommendable and very important to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and practice physical activity. Exercise improves sex because it stimulates circulation, providing more powerful erections and helping to increase arousal in women. Those who practice sports secrete more testosterone and therefore have a more active sexual desire. If you lead a sedentary life and have a poor diet, this may be affecting your libido significantly.

If despite all these recommendations you are unable to increase your sex drive naturally or if you have a sexual dysfunction, it is important that you visit to a specialist to determine the origin of the situation and resolve it in an appropriate manner.

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How to Increase your Sex Drive Naturally - The best Aphrodisiac Herbs