The Best Ideas to Improve your Oral Sex

By Mary Smith. March 16, 2017
The Best Ideas to Improve your Oral Sex

Oral sex is the king of foreplay for one simple reason: both men and women enjoy their partner giving them good cunnilingus. But doing this is not always as simple and intuitive as you might imagine, because beyond the techniques for orally satisfying a woman or man, it's important to consider some suggestions to help encourage these types of games and increase the pleasure and excitement. Both giving and receiving, in oneHOWTO you'll learn some tips for you to discover some of the best ideas to improve your oral sex experiences and ensure you enjoy them fully.

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Steps to follow:

One important part of enjoying good oral sex, and perhaps the first thing to consider is hygiene. Both for the one giving oral sex and for the one receiving it, it is something that we need to be very conscious of.

Obviously it's difficult for our partner to pleasure us the way we want them to, or to enjoy cunnilingus if our genital area is not properly cleaned. At the same time, it is important to remember that often the recipient will then also provide oral sex, or that there are ways, like a good 69 that allow both to simultaneously engage in oral pleasure. Therefore hygiene is recommended for both partners.


Another detail that we should keep in mind to improve oral sex is sensitivity. You shouldn't forget that the genital area, both the clitoris on the woman and the penis or testis on the man, are very delicate and should be carefully stimulated. Violent sucking, the use of teeth or harsh movements can cause discomfort or decrease pleasure.

Therefore, we advise you to apply the right amount of pressure, noticing your partner's reactions to every change in rhythm or pressure.


It is important to watch your partner during sex to understand what they like and learn how to properly stimulate them. Therefore in oral sex, we must learn to kiss and suck the genital area according to the rhythm of their excitement.

It is always recommended to escalate slowly: start with a soft, slow motion and increase the pace and intensity as the pair of you get excited, so the sensations will be much more enjoyable for both. And, contrary to what some believe, those giving oral sex can also get pleasure from watching their partner getting increasingly excited.


A great way of improving oral sex and foreplay, is to alternate between oral sex and masturbation. This technique not only serves you to give your mouth and tongue some rest, but also to vary the stimulation and increase excitement for the couple.

Both men and women enjoy including some time for masturbation during oral sex, as this is a perfect way to prepare for intercourse.

For men, a great way to intensify pleasure during oral sex is to also stimulate the testicles softly or the perineum.


There are many ways our partner can prevent us from enjoying oral sex. If it's a technical problem, it is to best guide them very subtlety. Like, "I like it better like this", "try licking me like this", etc.

If the problem is odor and hygiene, it is critical to discuss it. Oral sex is extremely pleasant and it is a shame if you are not enjoying it because of a problem with such a simple solution.

If you do not happen to like the taste of the bodily fluids, guess what? There's a solution for that as well. Learn about teabagging and how to stimulate the glans for some incredible oral sex experiences.

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The Best Ideas to Improve your Oral Sex
The Best Ideas to Improve your Oral Sex

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