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How to Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 10, 2018
How to Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner

When we are part of a couple it is all too easy to do almost everything together and to shared social network. Sometimes we lose previous friendships and even family relationships. That's a big mistake that we often make and that influences our perception of how much we emotionally depend on our partner.

Insecurity, fear of rejection and lack of self-esteem are other factors that influence our emotional dependence on others. At OneHowTo we want to show you how to avoid being emotionally dependent on your partner so you can feel good about yourself and freely enjoy your relationship.

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Steps to follow:

Don't let yourself lose your previous friends and the relationships that you had before you met your partner which made you happy. That will help you to avoid feeling that all the people you have relationships with are linked to your partner and you'll realize that you had a rich and full life before you met them.

If for any reason you cannot recover your previous relationships, or you want to increase your circle of friends, find new ones that have nothing to do with your partner. For instance, meet people who only share hobbies with you. You are sure to find things that you are passionate about and still have set aside because your partner does not like them.

It is important that you find your passions and you discover what you like and what you don't. Maintain or create a unique and personal space that belongs only to you. That will help you get to know yourself better and boost your self-esteem.

How to Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner - Step 1

Understand that love is being yourself and letting the other person do the same. Everyone needs to feel free, to be themselves and not try to constantly please others. Once you realise this you will be able to enjoy your own space and understand that the other person also needs theirs.

Suffocating relationships are often unhealthy and usually end badly. People cannot stand that pressure for too long and when it bursts, it usually is bad. If you and your partner feel that you both can enjoy your relationship with the same freedom, your love will be more sincere and healthy.

How to Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner - Step 2

Improve your self-esteem. Analyse how you see yourself. Do you like the way you are? Do you feel comfortable being yourself? Do you think you think that you are being selfish? Rate your answers and do an exercise in introspection. Being in a couple can be one of the biggest challenges for your personal growth so take advantage of it!

If you find that your self-esteem is low, you can improve it in many ways. One of them is by fighting emotional dependence. Many people are not only emotionally dependent on their partners, but also on their parents, children, friends or authority figures. Some people are dependent on having others to care for, that is, on having others to depend on then and thus feel necessary. If you recognize yourself in that trait, make sure to break the circle.

Read self-help books, join personal growth courses or visit a therapist if necessary. The important thing is not to dread feeling vulnerable, but facing it with care. If there is something that affects how you value yourself it will end up becoming a burden and filling your relationships with angst, so you must do your best to get rid of it. The first thing to do is to recognize the issue and then fix it. Here are some more tips on how to empower yourself.

How to Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner - Step 3

Enjoy your solitude. One of the things that will help avoid being emotionally dependent on your partner is learning to be alone. Many people deeply fear loneliness. It terrifies them not have people around who they can speak to, take care of and be cared for. They don't know how to be alone with themselves, entertain themselves and even fun alone, or how to face their fears and concerns on their own.

It is clear that we are social beings who need others to be happy, but human beings are complex and need time alone to see things from another perspective and appreciate the people in their circle.

Learning to be alone can turn you into your own best friend, with whom you can laugh, mourn, talk and solve problems autonomously and think about your welfare. It is not about selfishness but about self-love. We all deserve to be happy, but who will be able to give you the greatest happiness if not yourself?

If you love yourself, learn to be alone, and become independent and free, you'll be happier and love others more and in a better, healthier way.

How to Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner - Step 4

Remember to have an independent support network of people you can go out with and talk honestly to, and learn to be alone. Don't spend all your time together with your partner and you'll both be thankful for it - you'll have so much more to tell each other at the end of the day. Make sure you can pick up possessive behaviors, from your partner or from yourself, and ask where they're coming from.

This is how to avoid being emotionally dependent on your partner. If you want to know more, visit our relationships section.

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How to Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner