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How to practice sadomasochism with my partner

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 1, 2017
How to practice sadomasochism with my partner

The word alone shocks us, as it, throughout history, has been associated with negative practices. But here we are not speaking of torture or scourge, we are talk about having fun with our partner in a different way, practicing some hard sex, giving you the opportunity to role play and domination to excite yourself to unimagined limits. At OneHowTo.com, we give you some clues to discover how to practice sadomasochism with your partner.

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Steps to follow:


Sadomasochism is a word that encompasses two different terms: sadism which is the pleasure that is generated when we humiliate or mistreat someone and masochism which is when pleasure is being mistreated by the person who inflicts it. This sounds very strong and extreme, but the reality is that each couple goes as far as they want to go. There is no need to be too violent or hard when having sex like this. It is important to overcome the taboos and dare to experience everything together healthily as a couple.


This type of sex is better known as BDSM, a practice that encompasses diverse preferences:

  • Bondage: People who practice bondage get turned on by being tied with a rope and knots. Here is an article with the best sex positions for bondage.
  • Domination: People who enjoy being the boss and dominating the situation over their partner. The other person is known as the submissive. If you'd like to know more about this brach of BDSM, take a look at our article on what is dominant and submissive.
  • Sadism & masochism: We have already described these above, though the difference between these and the practices described above is that S&M does involve pain or the infliction of it necessarily, whereas the other two don't necessarily but can do.

Before practicing sadomasochism with your partner, you should both speak and be clear on what will happen and what limits you want to explore. This hardcore game can range from a stronger bite than usual on the nipples, provocative leather clothing and latex to a game of domination in which one punishes the other. The limits are marked by yourselves, but keep respect in mind. If both do not enjoy doing it then it does not make sense, it's a game of two do not forget.


The limits must be very clear and if you dare to practice really hard sex, remember to establish signs to tell the other person when it is time to stop. Such codes come into play in couples for which the BDSM is a habit, in your case, if you only want to play a little harder than normal, it is enough to know what they want to experience.


Within this kind of games there are several possibilities, bondage is the first one, a game where you tie your partner up is the key to pleasure, can range from a simple scarf up to handcuffs or different types of sex toys. Remember that to try is the key.

How to practice sadomasochism with my partner - Step 5

Being the dominatrix is also very exciting for most women who dare to play sadomasochism with their partners. You control while receiving.

How about a little anal penetration? She penetrates him thanks to a harness, a practice known as pegging which is carried out by many couples around the world, a very pleasurable game for both people.

How to practice sadomasochism with my partner - Step 6

Roleplaying is key to enjoying hard sex or sadomasochism. Why are you punishing your partner? Why does the other enjoy it? If he misbehaves, does he deserve to be punished? Games like the teacher and student, amongst many other sexual fantasies, are great for this type of event.


Do not forget to only go as far as both people want to. And if you do not know where to start, you can't miss out on the best sex toys for rough sex such as handcuffs, whips, and special bondage ropes for a very fun and exciting practice!

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  • The best thing to do is to start by soft bites, gentle buttox spanking and hair pulling.
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How to practice sadomasochism with my partner