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How to Know if my Partner is Enjoying Sex with Me

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 7, 2017
How to Know if my Partner is Enjoying Sex with Me

Both men and women torture themselves wondering if their partner really has a good time in bed with them, although we ask and talk about it, being the most sensitive, many avoid it at all costs for fear of receiving negative feedback and try to find signs he is enjoying sex. If this is you, on oneHOWTO we give you some signs for you to discover if your partner is enjoying sex with you and how you could improve.

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Steps to follow:


Being attentive and finding sings he enjoys making love to you is the best way to enhance sexual encounters and make sure your partner enjoys it. In foreplay when you stimulate the erogenous zones, take notice at the actions or movements your partner does. If your partner is not talkative and doesn't verbalize he is enjoying foreplay, make sure you look for signs of goose pimples, heavier breathing, signs he/she is turned on and learn to pleasure and spend attention on that area, not exclusively, but with effort. If you both spend a long time on foreplay and don't rush over it as a preliminary step towards penetration, this means you enjoy each other's body, caresses and games.


A good way to tell whether he/she enjoys sex is to feel your partner's instinctive reaction. In the case of girls the temperature in their body rises, her vaginal fluid increases , their breasts harden and breathing is impaired. For men they get a powerful erection and also altered breathing

During intercourse, if your partner follows your moves, it is because he/she is probably getting the same pleasure as you are with this movement. If you are not moving at the same pace, then he or she is not feeling the same pleasure as you are. Moreover, a person who is enjoying sex does not care the other person's flaws and lets their body do the job instead of fretting in hiding body parts they don't like. Moreover, as a woman reaches climax, you will be able to notice the contraction of her vagina, this shows that she is enjoying sex with you.


If you're still wondering if your partner is enjoying sex with you and your partner have an active sex life where you both feel aroused by being together and have sex frequently, it's because both of you enjoy your sexual encounters and want more of each other. If the other person didn't enjoy sex he/she would certainly not want it that often and would constantly be asking for new sexual practices you are missing out on because there is something that doesn't give them enough pleasure. This does not mean that if he or she suggests new things from time to time he/she is not enjoying sex. If he is looking forward to your sexual encounters and suggests moving one step forward by trying new exciting games, he/she may be trying to push boundaries and wants to further enhance pleasure during sex.


If after sex you stay in bed together, hugging, talking, if both look physically exhausted this is a typical reaction that you have both enjoyed sex. After the adrenaline rush of pleasure our levels go back to normal so that makes us tired and sleepy. Your partner's half grin after a sexual encounter will let you know he enjoyed sex with you, even if your partner won't tell you directly.


Talking about sleeping, sleep is an unequivocal reaction that sex was pleasurable, as making love and reaching orgasm makes us sleepy and promotes a more deep and restful night.

How to Know if my Partner is Enjoying Sex with Me - Step 5

Sex is a way to enjoy and share with your partner, not an obligation or a problem, so if you feel that your encounters could be even better we give you some keys to enjoy sex more.


In the case of women great sex does not always lead to orgasm, but clearly the goal is that. This does not necessarily mean that she hasn't enjoyed sex, as women can feel great pleasure during the whole sexual encounter without actually climaxing, although it may not have been her best. Therefore, you can follow these tips to enhance orgasms of your partner and make it more enjoyable. Don't know if she's reached orgasm? Learn how to tell if a woman has reached orgasm.

How to Know if my Partner is Enjoying Sex with Me - Step 7

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How to Know if my Partner is Enjoying Sex with Me