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How to Perform Oral Sex on a Man that'll Blow his Mind

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 14, 2017
How to Perform Oral Sex on a Man that'll Blow his Mind

Oral sex is something that both men and women can really enjoy, if done properly. In addition to matters of oral sex safety, many women ask themselves what is the right way to do it. Firstly, we invite you to put aside the images of girls in porn films that have generated so much confusion and to focus on real strategies that will give your man extreme pleasure. Discover in oneHOWTO how to perform oral sex on a man that will blow their minds away.

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  1. For him to enjoy oral sex you should enjoy it too
  2. Start by touching softly
  3. His glans
  4. His testicles
  5. His penis
  6. Alternating with rhythm and seduction
  7. Some fetishes they like
  8. Do not be afraid to try new things

For him to enjoy oral sex you should enjoy it too

Oral sex is not only exciting because of the physical stimulation of the penis. A huge part of enjoying oral sex is knowing that your partner enjoys it too. This simple fact makes all the difference, increases sensuality and desire. This is why we think the first step to perform good oral sex on a man is to get excited about the idea, enjoy the act and add a little spice to the situation. If you dislike it we recommended you work on it and identify the reasons for this feeling.

Start by touching softly

Men love oral sex, and this can come in many ways. One of the best ways to properly perform oral sex on a man is the following trick: when they know what is coming and you should slowly go down to their point of pleasure. Start by kissing him, working your way down to his chest with your mouth and hands and when you get to the crotch kiss it and caress him in this area with your hands and tongue. Once you have the penis in front of you you can still give a little more suspense: masturbate your partner softly with your hand slowly, letting him burn with desire for what's to come.

His glans

The tip of the penis or glans, when stimulated properly, generates enormous pleasure. Start with your tongue and gently lick it holding the penis at the base. An infallible and perfect combination for beginners is to lick the glans gently while masturbating him. This will generate great enjoyment and is the best prelude to oral sex.

His testicles

Few women touch, lick and suck testicles to stimulate them, forgetting that is a point of great pleasure and a great way to excite your man before getting down to business. After licking the glans with great desire, you can gently caress his balls. See his reaction and then stroke them with your tongue. You can make very gentle suction with your mouth and see how he feels great pleasure. Then, rise slowly again and concentrate on his penis. You may even want to try tea-bagging once you know how to properly perform oral sex on him!

His penis

Oral sex is no hidden art, it only requires some common sense, softness, enjoyment and rhythm to perform it properly. You should always hold the penis at the base, then once you have stimulated the glans you can move on to the rest of the penis. Gently lick with your tongue around the phallus from top to bottom, then begin by introducing it in your mouth gently. The fundamental idea is that your mouth emulates the movement of the hand when he masturbates or that of your vagina when it is penetrated: up down, in out. The pace is also important, start slowly and as you begin to feel an increase in the erection and arousal also increase rhythm and go faster. Note that you must be careful with teeth not to hurt your partner, some women may also need some tricks to control potential heaving or gagging when doing oral sex.

Alternating with rhythm and seduction

Oral sex for men can be very tiring as the jaw gets tired, so it is important to switch and change the pace: soft, intense, sucking half of the penis, allowing it to penetrate completely into your mouth, stroking, masturbating and continue. If you are tired use your hand for a while and move on to penetration or other forms of foreplay.

Some fetishes they like

Although porno films are exaggerated and even an unrealistic view of sex, there are certain images that men and women enjoy during oral sex. Fellatio makes us feel (regardless of gender) dominant, the other party is our sex slave at that moment. Therefore, it is pleasant when she is kneeling and he is standing over her. This way, he can control the rhythm, and may even make your job easier. It is also nice for both to establish eye contact.

Some men like to tilt the head of the woman forward to penetrate deeper into her mouth; allow him to do it for a few seconds to learn what pace he enjoys, then do it yourself emulating what he wants. Every couple is different, what is important in giving pleasure is to understand what the other enjoys and enjoy that together, that is the real key to a successful and pleasant encounter. Remember that you should never feel forced to do something that you don't want to do.

Another trick that your man may really enjoy is some anal stimulation. While you're down there, slowly massage his anus with a wet finger and see his reaction. If he is enjoying it, try sticking your finger in deeper to stimulate the prostate. This will cause intense pleasure for him, as the prostate is very sensitive. If you feel comfortable with it, you can even attempt to give him a rim job.

Do not be afraid to try new things

Have no fear of experimentation. As long as what you try is consensual and pleasurable for both of you, try new things and you might discover something new that works for both of you to properly perform oral sex. Remember that every man is different and that pleasure can be hidden where it is less expected: touching, caressing, sucking, licking, vary the pace and watch their reactions. Soon you will discover what makes him go mad with excitement and gives him stronger orgasms.

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How to Perform Oral Sex on a Man that'll Blow his Mind