How to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Safely

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Safely

Birth control pills are one of the most effective methods for preventing pregnancies and are more than 97% effective if used properly. However, many women want to pause it or suspend their intake for a break as it's a hormonal treatment. That said, doing it properly is key for preventing unwanted pregnancies and to allow the menstrual cycle to suitably return to normal. In this article OneHowTo explains how to stop taking birth control pills safely without taking any risks.

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Should you have a break from taking birth control pills?

Traditionally, people have believed that you should take a break from taking contraceptive pills to guarantee your health. However this belief is wrong and can even be dangerous.

Originally, the idea may have developed after the arrival of the first contraceptives, whose high hormonal load was believed to affect the functioning of the body if ingested for a long period of time. However, the pill has a much lower hormonal load nowadays and you do not need to take a break. Unless you want to have a baby or your doctor has recommended it, there is no reason to stop taking birth control pills.

How to stop taking the pill

If, for any reason, you've decided to stop taking contraceptive pills we recommend you consider some tips to help guarantee your well-being and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

It is recommended that you stop taking the pill once you have completed a full pack so you can begin the menstrual cycle regularly, without running the risk of accidental pregnancies. It is best to completely stop intake and simply stop taking the next pack of pills.

Hormonal regulation after stopping the pill

Once you stop taking the pill, your body begins the process of regulating its hormone levels. In this case you'll need to be patient because you could experience some side effects such as headaches or slight weight gain.

It's also important to remember that when you're not taking the pill, you will feel each one of your bodily changes with more intensity during your menstrual cycle. So, your vaginal fluid will thicken during your fertile days, and you will experience breast swelling and possibly more tummy ache, cramps and pains during your period. All of these symptoms are normal and there is no need to worry.

How to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Safely - Hormonal regulation after stopping the pill

Alternative forms of protection

It's essential that you're clear that once you've stopped taking the birth control pill, regardless of how long you've been taking the pill for, your body will still be able to ovulate during the same menstrual cycle. This means that it might be possible for you to get pregnant if you don't take precautions.

If you don't want to run the risk of getting pregnant, you should use an alternative contraceptive method, such as male or female condoms, or another hormonal option.

How to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Safely - Alternative forms of protection

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How to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Safely
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How to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Safely

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