How to tell a fake orgasm from a real one

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to tell a fake orgasm from a real one

What's clear is that the human body is not always an open book, and when it comes to sex, the truth is that every sexual encounter is different. Sometimes it makes your partner explode in a powerful orgasm while others can only pretend in order not to hurt your feelings, an act that for centuries has tortured men. So at OneHowTo we give you some tips so you know how to tell a fake orgasm from a real one.

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It is not always necessary to climax.

First of all, it is important to know that it is not always necessary to have an orgasm to be satisfied. Every sexual encounter is different and sometimes even if the woman does not reach climax she can still feel fully satisfied, so it's not worth torturing yourself if occasionally she doesn't finish.

It all depends on her needs

There are girls who can experience multiple orgasms and there are others that need a little more to reach their pleasure peak. So before you can learn to how to tell a real orgasm from a fake one, you need to discover her erogenous zones and some sexual positions which will help her reach climax, especially if it is difficult for her.

Signal 1: Physical Response

If you're an attentive lover you will notice that before a real orgasm there is an inevitable physical response. First, the vagina will produce more heat and fluid and will experience small contractions, something that man can easily feel after the breasts harden a bit. Some women tend to blush or there's a change in their breathing, depending on the position she tends to close her legs and press them together. Other girls lose themselves in the moment and are unable to answer questions because they are so overwhelmed by the rush of pleasure.

Signal 2: crying out, the ultimate display

A scream or moan is not always a sign of an orgasm. The truth is that every woman is different, and this mask of screaming is what makes man think that she has climaxed, so it is important to observe her physical response and pay attention to what she's experiencing and wants. On the other hand, some women, even while experiencing a true orgasm, let out only a whisper or sigh.

So what should I do?

Want a guaranteed orgasm? Listen to what she wants, don't skip foreplay, experiment and observe how she reacts from the way you give her oral sex, to the way you kiss or touch her breasts. Sense her level of enjoyment in different sexual positions, only then you can tell what your girl loves and be able to please her nonstop. Discuss the matter with her. You may find that she is truly happy and satisfied without climaxing.

Key things to remember

There are important factors you need to remember: having a connection, companionship, and giving and receiving pleasure are always important, but sometimes it is normal to feel lost. When in doubt it is always good to talk, ask what she wants or what she would like for next time. Even if you are great in bed, there is always room for improvement, so don't be afraid to try.

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  • To pleasure and be pleasured is the key to knowing what points can trigger an orgasm, and don't forget it.
  • Foreplay is important to girls. Don't skip it and give her what she wants.

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How to tell a fake orgasm from a real one
How to tell a fake orgasm from a real one

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