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How to Make Your Girlfriend Reach Orgasm

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make Your Girlfriend Reach Orgasm

The female body is a great mystery for many men, and many feel it is a real odyssey to get women to reach orgasm. There is much ignorance over female pleasure and the existing information does not particularly help.

Every woman is a world in terms of sexual pleasure but with patience and interest, anything is possible. Do you want your partner to really reach climax? At OneHowTo we show you how to make your girlfriend reach orgasm.

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Steps to follow:


One of the ways to make your girl reach orgasm is with oral sex. The reality is that there is a higher chance that your partner can reach orgasm through cunnilingus. It's not just about getting down and starting to licking her genitals indiscriminately but rather you have to take your time, kiss, lick and play gently with your fingers in her vagina.

Oral sex is one of the sources of female pleasure so if you want your girl to enjoy herself and reach orgasm, don't hesitate to get to work. With your hands and your tongue, pay attention to her clitoris and make her enjoy an amazing orgasm.


Intense kisses are one way of stimulating your partner so that she can reach orgasm more easily. To achieve this you'll have to mix sensual kisses and playing with your hands to see how to stimulate your partner; it is the perfect foreplay for your girl and she can reach climax much easier.

Take a moment to kiss and caress your partner, gently, with passion and maybe just by doing that, she will reach orgasm. Sometimes girls reach climax this way, other times it is just a very pleasant way to prepare your partner for penetration.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Reach Orgasm - Step 2

If you want your partner to reach sexual ecstasy try deep and slow penetration. Don't worry about size; as long as you know your partner's body you're sure to find something that will make her throb with pleasure and probably climax.

After some fondling and kissing, ask her to get into the position that she likes the most, and get carried away. You are about to make love in a special way, slowly and by focusing on the feeling of it. You should penetrate her at a leisurely pace, focusing your full attention on her genitals to the one goal, you'll see how it will end ecstatically.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Reach Orgasm - Step 3

Creativity in sex life is essential for a woman to reach orgasm. Try sex games to stimulate her fantasies and senses so that you will ignite her desire so that she can reach climax afterwards easily. The more excited and stimulated she is, the more intense her orgasm.

Don't be afraid to use your fingers and ask your girl to guide you while you play. There's no one better than your partner to tell you what she likes; don't forget that communication is essential for optimal sexual intercourse.


This is how to make your girlfriend reach orgasm; again, every woman is different - you'll have to pay close attention and see what she really enjoys.

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How to Make Your Girlfriend Reach Orgasm