What happens to the female body during orgasm

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What happens to the female body during orgasm

We know that climax generates enormous pleasure, but only few know how your body works when you reach that point of explosive sensations. And that orgasm is not only just expressed externally in what can be translated into moans, but also by various internal reactions that make us feel satisfied with sex. Want to know more?, at we'd like to explain what happens to the female body during orgasm.

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Steps to follow:

When we feel turned on by any visual or physical stimulus, our body begins to react in a very clear way: the clitoris expands, the vagina lubricates in order to prepare for penetration, and internal muscles of the genital area begin to move, all in order to be ready for intercourse.


But also externally it is difficult to hide that we are turned on because our body temperature increases and heart rate accelerates, which causes more blood to flow throughout the body and we get red, not only in the face but also in erogenous zones such as the chest.


As excitement increases your heart rate becomes more and more accelerated, this produces a higher blood supply which makes important points of pleasure such as the clitoris, breasts or nipples swell and become a little hard a sign that we are really excited.

What happens to the female body during orgasm - Step 3

With foreplay and penetration, the muscles in your body have been gradually tightening. The arrival of orgasm is the release of a number of substances that reduce tension and give way to absolute pleasure.


When we are about to reach orgasm, the vaginal area is filled with blood supplied by our hearts, we feel what is about to come and get ready to enjoy it.

When the wave of pleasure finally arrives, the vaginal walls contract briefly, it is said that a woman usually experiences from one to twelve contractions; and our pupils dilate, we let ourselves enjoy all the sensations that invade our body abruptly. Our brain releases chemicals that make us feel good and closer to our partner and enjoy the feeling that's taking place. These are known as oxytocin and dopamine, a great natural pain-killer.


After the orgasm, and thanks to the blood our heart has irrigated still being in the vaginal area, and because our clitoris is extremely sensitive, we are able to achieve another orgasm if stimulation continues in just a few minutes. Women who can achieve this are known as multiorgasmic.

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What happens to the female body during orgasm
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What happens to the female body during orgasm

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