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How To Turn A Woman On With Words

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 5, 2019
How To Turn A Woman On With Words

When it comes to turning on a woman in bed words can have a great impact. Sure, touching, kissing, stimulation and penetration all play vital roles too, but never underestimate the power of words when it comes to sex. If you are wondering how to talk dirty during sex or what hot things you can say in bed, you’ve come to the right place!

Talking sexy in bed can at times feel a little embarrassing, it’s normal! But remember, the more open you are to trying out different things during sex, the better the sex will be. So, for more on how to turn a woman on with words, keep reading here at OneHOWTO. In addition, we’ll be adding some phrases that’ll definitely excite the men out there.

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Steps to follow:


"I love your..."

‘‘I love your body.. your skin.. your’’ This is the perfect opportunity to use your imagination! Sure, it’s not about telling her you love something about her or her repeatedly, but now and then will definitely do the trick.

"I love your body", "I love your breasts", "I love your ass" are phrases that will make you and her both feel more aroused. In addition, it will increase confidence and trust between the both of you! Sharing these such thoughts will turn her on like crazy, but why? Put it this way, what is more arousing than having your partner’s eyes scanning your every body part, in detail? It’s HOT!

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How To Turn A Woman On With Words - Step 1

"You’re so wet"

Male arousal is more evident than female arouse, thanks largely to visible erections. However, during sex, many women aren’t aware of how wet they actually are. Telling a woman she is wet is a common phrase known to arouse a woman even more! Being wet during sex is not only a sign of arousal, but also prepares the vagina for penetration. For more, read how to caress a woman in bed.


"You turn me on"

This is one of the HOTTEST things you can say to a women in bed. But why? This is largely because this phrase makes women feel irresistible, powerful and responsible for awakening pleasure. These simple four words let her know that in that moment, only she has the power to turn you on and make you feel the way you want to.

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How To Turn A Woman On With Words - Step 3


As men need approval, so do women. Women like to hear positive and exciting feedback when they are doing things in bed. They want to know (like men) that the stimulation they are giving is effective and that you’re enjoying yourself. Speaking in bed is also necessary a lot of the time, especially in reaching climax. If she is doing something that you like, tell her! And vice versa. Sex is about learning about another person’s body, as well as learning how to make that person feel out of control (in a good way). For more, take a look at the best foreplay for women.


"You smell so good"

When a person is in bed they want to feel irresistible. In the case of scent, it's not about praising her perfume, but rather complimenting her body odor, her scent, her sweat, the smell of her neck, her belly and even her hair. This will make her feel wanted. In addition, having you move your lips and nose gently on her skin while whispering theses words will DEFINITELY excite her! For more, read out article where we discuss the scents and smells that arouse women the most.

How To Turn A Woman On With Words - Step 5

"I want to see you orgasm"

Hearing that your partner wants to give and see you receive pleasure, is a great source of excitement. Say this phrase while tacking all of the necessary actions to give her the best orgasm ever and you can be sure of climax! Do you want to know how to make a woman orgasm? If so, we have the perfect tips for you! Keep reading here at how to make your girlfriend reach orgasm.

How To Turn A Woman On With Words - Step 6

"I want you"

You can use this phrase before sex to make it clear to your partner that you desire them, then and there. By telling her that you want her in that moment, you can be sure her juices will start to flow. If you want to know how to tell a woman is aroused? Read here.


"Take it off..."

Being direct during sex and foreplay can be exciting for both men and women. There is an unexplainable pleasure in taking your clothes according to your partner’s orders. Better yet, having your clothes taken off for you! The pleasure of being undressed, along with the knowing that your partner desires your naked body, too feel bare skin, is sure to make her weak at the knees.

How To Turn A Woman On With Words - Step 8


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How To Turn A Woman On With Words