How to Tell if Your Partner Still Loves Their Ex

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 23, 2022
How to Tell if Your Partner Still Loves Their Ex

We all have a past love and only when we have gotten over it properly are we ready for a new relationship. But sometimes some people start a new relationship without having gotten over their ex, or even still have strong feelings for their former partner. You think this is happening with your boyfriend?, on we give you some keys to know if your still loves their ex. Pay attention!

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First of all: respect your boyfriend's past

As we said at the beginning of this article, everyone has a past love and it is very important to know and respect your current partner if you really have feelings for that person.

Now, it's one thing to respect the past of your boyfriend and quite another for the past come to you because he hasn't gotten over it. If something tells you your current partner is still in love with his ex or hasn't gotten over the relationship, pay attention to any warning signs that may confirm your suspicions.

Your boyfriend keeps things that remind him of her

This is a clear sign that your boyfriend or girlfriend still has feelings for his ex, or at least he does not know how to cut the link. If your current partner keeps photos of his ex in a visible place, if he keeps her clothes, accessories or items belonging to his ex and refuses to throw them out, they may still have feelings for that person.

But be careful with this sign: it is clear that if his or her ex gave your partner a mobile, he or she will not stop using it just because the other person gave it to him/her. This sign applies in particular to more emotional things like couple photos, details such as stuffed animals, cards or even objects that belonged to her.

Calls you by his ex's name... several times

"Helen, come her for a sec";... "I'm not Helen, I'm Emma" ; fatal confusion!

It is normal if your current partner lasted years with his or her former partner, to say her name instead of yours once, but this is something that should not happen very often, it could indicate that his ex is still present in your boyfriend's head. Finally nothing is more treacherous than the subconscious.

They frequently communicate by messages and calls

Former partners can be friends and in fact they can become good friends over time. If this bothers you it's important to review your self-esteem and security, because your boyfriend can perfectly maintain a friendly relationship with any of his exes without it posing a danger, if your partner is someone honest and mature.

But if your boyfriend or girlfriend constantly talks to his or her ex on the phone, text messages are sent and they are in close contact, it is time to worry and that is an important sign that your boyfriend is still in love with his ex, because it is someone he needs in his life.

It is normal that you feel uncomfortable or displaced, so pay attention to this situation.

Your ex is very present on their social networks

Understand: your boyfriend can be friends with his ex on Facebook, follow her on Instagram and follow each other on Twitter, especially if the relationship between them did not end badly. This should not be a concern for you and if it bothers you have to learn to overcome it.

What is worrying is if he constantly mentions her on social networks, does not update his pictures with photos of you together and has virtually no contact with you on sites like Facebook but does with her. This is material to suspect your partner is still in love with their ex.

How to Tell if Your Partner Still Loves Their Ex - Your ex is very present on their social networks

He sees his ex often

If your boyfriend has strong ties that bind him to his ex, for example children together, pay a mortgage or a business together, it is normal to occasionally see each other to discuss certain topics, but always on time and not in a special plan, like going to dinner for example.

Now, if there is nothing to bind them and discover that your boyfriend is often with his ex, bad sign, especially if he hides it. If he has nothing to hide he won't have a problem telling you that he's seen his ex and why.

How to Tell if Your Partner Still Loves Their Ex - He sees his ex often

Gives her gifts or spends time with her

Again we all have a past love, and we must respect it. It is normal for your boyfriend to feel affection for his ex and you can feel it for a previous partner, but this must have a limit.

Your current partner should not treat your ex as he treats you or better, that is if the former girlfriend's birthday and he wants to give a great gift, but if the girl gets incredible gifts from him, if every time she needs something he helps, if they speak frequently and if they do special things together, you can bet: your partner is still in love with their ex.

What to do?

If you suspect your partner is still in love with their ex, then it is best to breathe deep and talk to him or her. Don't scream, don't act crazy jealous, just tell what you have seen, explain how bad it makes you feel and ask directly if he or she still feels something for their ex. Be brave and tell your partner it's their chance to be honest and choose who he wants to be.

It sounds crazy to do it this way, but do you want to be with someone who does not value or see you as the only one in his life? Surely the answer is no, so speak clearly and get the honesty you need.

If your partner denies everything and you feel that they sincere, then explain the importance of setting limits between him and his ex, otherwise your relationship won't work.

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How to Tell if Your Partner Still Loves Their Ex
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How to Tell if Your Partner Still Loves Their Ex

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