How To Use Flavored Lube

By Mary Smith. Updated: December 2, 2018
How To Use Flavored Lube

Intimate lubricant is one of the best ways of heightening sexual pleasure during vaginal or oral sex or whilst using any of the abundance of sex toys available on the market. In the world of eroticism, there's always something fresh and innovative to hit the market, cue the introduction of edible lubricant. Unsure how to use flavored lubricant? Let us at OneHowTo give you the juicy details.

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Lubricant should not be seen as something taboo at all; rather it is a useful tool for a smoother sexual experience as it eases the penis into the vagina without causing any potentially painful friction.


Flavored lubricants offer all of these important qualities with a little extra: they are edible and can therefore make oral sex a more fun and thrilling experience. There are many people who are doubtful whether flavored lubricant is safe for oral sex. This is another misconception, as all lubrication is conceived for the genital area and, in the case of flavored lube, also adapted to our taste buds.


It is perfect for women who suffer from vaginal dryness as a result of hormonal imbalances or other related issues. It is also essential during anal sex since the anus does not secrete its own natural lubricant and therefore prevents painful friction. On top of that, it stimulates the anus and heightens sexual pleasure.


You can find an assortment of tempting flavors: chocolate, tropical fruit, other fruit such as cherry or strawberry, combined flavors, etc. As well as their tantalizing taste and luscious lubrication, they also smell incredible!

However, you should make sure you taste your flavor and brand of choice before purchasing it, as you might find that it has a horrible taste once you are down to business. Therefore, it is better to do some tasting at the shop.


Flavored lubricants can be used in exactly the same way as regular lubrication: apply it to the condom or genitals to enjoy its bountiful benefits. Using this product does not mean that you or your partner should feel obliged to perform oral sex: instead the fun lies in exploring new things and spicing up your sex life.

However, it is said that flavored lubricant is a great way of introducing men to performing oral sex on women.

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Be bold! Unleash your inner sex god/goddess and let go of your inhibitions to get the most out of these these delicious edible lubricants.

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How To Use Flavored Lube
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How To Use Flavored Lube

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