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Is it good to have sex every day?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is it good to have sex every day?

The benefits of Sex are both physically and psychologically large, significantly bringing a couple closer together. However, we speak very little about this issue, because for some people it is still taboo. How much sex should we have? Is it good to have sex every day? If these doubts are going around in your head, at we give you the answers you have been searching for. Keep reading and find out.

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  1. Is it bad to have sex every day?
  2. It should not be forced
  3. If not every day, how often do you recommend?
  4. If you have sex every day, we recommend...
  5. Health benefits of daily sex

Is it bad to have sex every day?

When asked if it is bad to have sex every day, gynaecologists and family therapists respond very clearly: NO, having sex daily does not affect our inner health or hurts us in any way.

Frequent sex with our partner is very important, being a sign that we have a healthy and close relationship in which both partners are comfortable and pleased. Whenever relationships occur voluntarily and involve enjoyment for both, there is no problem in having sex daily and even several times a day.

It should not be forced

Having sex every day is not bad, but it should be something that both people desire and enjoy, because if it is an imposed activity or one that we do just to please the other, then yes, that could be converted into something harmful to the couple.

It is also important to note that sex is spontaneous and voluntary, so no need to force the practice every day to "be a normal couple" or to "keep pace". There are stages of the relationship in which we may have less sexual activity but equally maintain adequate health and intimate rapport.

Is it good to have sex every day? - It should not be forced

If not every day, how often do you recommend?

This is a very common question among couples, which has a very ambiguous answer: it depends.

Every relationship is different, we have routines, schedules and different realities, this is why it is difficult to launch a number and impose that figure as normal, everything depends on the desire and needs of each partner. Though recent studies in couples have given an average of twice a week, there are other factors that can easily vary this statistic. Do it whenever both of you feel the desire to do so. If you don't feel the desire to have sex you can always increase your libido.

If you have sex every day, we recommend...

If you are the kind of couple who is happy and comfortable having sex daily or almost daily, it is important to consider some recommendations to make it much more pleasant and safe:

  • Do not forget to use protection, either contraceptives or condoms. This way you will avoid the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
  • You should switch sexual positions not only so the meetings are varied and enjoyable, but also to avoid discomfort caused by excessive friction, which is especially important in the case of girls.
  • For women seeking to improve their vaginal lubrication and prevent discomfort, we recommend using water based lubricants.

Health benefits of daily sex

In fact having sex daily can also benefit our health:

  • Good for the heart: There are several studies that have found that having sex daily can prevent heart attacks and strockes.
  • Psychological anesthetic: Ever noticed how your tooth stopped aching as soon as you felt aroused by your partner? Scientists have found that sex is actually a great way of diminishing pain in our body. It is also to relieve pain from menstrual cramps too.
  • Perfect skin: The amount of endorphins released during intercourse makes women's skin healthier due to an easier flush of blood around the body.
  • Benefits sleeping: There is evidence that suggests that people sleep better and more deeply after having sex and also wake up having slept more deeply and in a better mood.

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Is it good to have sex every day?