Why Does it Hurt when I Have Intercourse from Behind?

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 17, 2019
Why Does it Hurt when I Have Intercourse from Behind?

Unless it is your first time having sex, engaging in sexual intercourse should be more pleasurable than painful. However, experiencing pain during sex is far more common than you may think; just not so many women have the confidence to share their concerns. Sex is an important part of every relationship and having a hard time finding the right sex position or one that doesn’t feel uncomfortable may affect your outlook on having sex. There are many things that could be going on; but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution to having pain-free sex.

In this oneHOWTO article we answer the question: why does it hurt when I have intercourse from behind?

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Doggy style sex position

One of the most common sex positions where the man thrusts from behind is the doggy style position. The woman will stand on all fours and the man will stand on his knees inserting his penis into the vagina from behind.

One of the best parts of this sex position is that is allows for deeper and more intense penetration. The penis is able to hit the G-spot tightly causing many women to reach a very pronounced orgasm. However, doggy style may not be pleasurable for all women causing them to feel pain.

Why does doggy style hurt?

Despite the huge potential for this deep thrusting position, one of the main issues regarding doggy style is the penis hitting the cervix. At certain points during the menstrual cycle, the cervix tends to be more tender and it appears as if doggy style may be more suitable around ovulation when it is positioned higher. Also, some women may have their uterus slightly tilted forward, thus increasing the chances of being hit during intercourse.

On another note, it may be the case that your partner is thrusting too hard for your likes. Speak out your concerns to your loved one to see if maybe going about a more gentle thrust will make it better for you.

Why Does it Hurt when I Have Intercourse from Behind? - Why does doggy style hurt?

How can I stop it from hurting?

A very quick and easy solution to stopping the pain is by using more lubricant during sex. It is also possible that your vagina lining is tighter, especially if you have not had the time to engage in foreplay, so adding some lube may result in less painful sex.

Additionally, try practicing this position around your ovulation time to see if you notice any difference. Most women enjoy this position around that time and it is all because the cervix is slightly elevated making more room for the penis. Some other ideas may be using pillows to slightly alter your position and make it more comfortable.

If none of this works, remember that there are many sex positions that you can try and that may seem more pleasurable to you. Adding some spice in the bedroom by switching things up may add some fire to your relationship and help you find the best sex positions that don’t cause you any pain.

Why Does it Hurt when I Have Intercourse from Behind? -  How can I stop it from hurting?

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Why Does it Hurt when I Have Intercourse from Behind?
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Why Does it Hurt when I Have Intercourse from Behind?

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