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Sex Positions: The Medusa

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 18, 2018
Sex Positions: The Medusa
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Sexual encounters are very pleasant and exciting experiences, but they are always a lot more so if we are willing to innovate and try different things we haven't done so far. One of them can certainly be making the most of the various sex positions offered by the Kamasutra, where really interesting options can be found. Among the most unusual positions, we discover the Medusa position, for which it's important to be in good physical condition. Do you want to know all the details about this position? Don't miss the next oneHOWTO article!

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Steps to follow:

The Medusa position requires strength and skill on the part of the man, and it is not a very comfortable position. He must squat, leaning on a hard surface, and she stands in front of the man so that his legs are between hers. Then, she must lower herself so that she is sitting on top of him to be penetrated without taking her feet off the floor. Once in this position, the guy must set the pace of penetration moving back and forth.

Sex Positions: The Medusa - Step 1
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As we can see, the Medusa can be quite difficult to practice because it requires you to be in good physical shape. If the man finds it impossible to do the movements, he can support his back against a wall to be more comfortable. If both manage to get carried away by swinging during intercourse, this posture can become really enjoyable and a different way of reaching orgasm.


So that all the tiredness doesn't fall on the man, the couple can choose to vary and let it be the girl who performs the movements. He must be still and enjoy the swinging that the girl puts into play. The ideal is to increase the intensity gradually to experience very exciting sensations and get to reach a delightful orgasm.


One of the strengths of this sex position is that it allows total physical contact. Both can stroke the back of the other, merge into kissing, fondling and erotic licks on the neck, touching her breasts and hugging affectionately. Before penetration, the man can gently rub the glans with the clitoris, which will fuel the desire of both to initiate intercourse, and the introduction of the penis into the vagina will be much more pleasant.


The Medusa it definitely not an easy position, but if both are in good shape, they can try to implement it and enjoy in a different and original way. If not, a similar, but much easier and more comfortable position is the Hammock, which is incredible for stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot at the same time as penetrating.

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Image: lafiera.mx
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Image: kamasutra.ms
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Sex Positions: The Medusa