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Sex Position: 42

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: March 6, 2019
Sex Position: 42

Do you want to drive your partner crazy with pleasure? Are you hoping to perform the best oral sex you've ever done before? We all know about the classic sex position 69, but there are other options. These options allow you to break the monotony of your sex life and in turn give and receive a more satisfying sexual experience.

This sex position will ensure the person receiving the pleasure will reach their climax quicker and experience a super powerful and intense orgasm.In this oneHOWTO article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the sex position 42.

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  1. How to give the best oral sex: position 42
  2. How to give oral sex: 42! a step by step
  3. Sex positions: for both men and women
  4. The best Sex Positions

How to give the best oral sex: position 42

69 is a famous sex position which allows both partners to enjoy themselves sexually at the same time. However, there is a new competitor in town, the 42.

This sex position allows couples or partners to practice oral sex in a new and exciting way. It is a position ideal to introduce new sexual experiences and discover sexual sensations which result in optimal pleasure. This position has been qualified as quite selfish, as one person gives the pleasure and the other receives, unlike the 69 position. However, pleasure and excitement can be very high for both as the person receiving the oral sex can focus more on themselves and the sensation, making it easier to reach a climax. For more, we recommend reading our article where we discuss how to know if you have reached climax.

Why is this sex position called "42",you may ask? Well, it is called "42" because the bodies take the form of this number when in position. The person receiving the pleasure is seated and the one who is performing the oral sex will place themselves on their knees in front of their partner, leaning towards the genitals, thus forming a two.

How to give oral sex: 42! a step by step

So if you’re wondering how to give oral sex in the 42 sex position, you’ve come to the right place! Would you like to practice this position with your partner and enjoy very pleasurable sexual experience? Follow these steps to learn how to do this position:

  1. The member of the couple who is going to receive, should sit on the edge of a bed, sofa, chair or surface that is comfortable. The soles of their feet should be resting on the floor. The more relaxed their posture is, the better.
  2. The person who is going to perform the oral sex should place themselves on their knees facing their partner. Once in this pose, you will have to lean forward, forming a 2, ready to go!
  3. The person sitting is now in a position where they can use their hands to freely explore their partners body. These caresses will give pleasure through the simple act of manually stimulating their main erogenous zones.

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Sex Position: 42 - How to give oral sex: 42! a step by step
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Sex positions: for both men and women

It is important to know that both men and women can enjoy this sex position. Yes, the 42 is an an ideal position for a man with a infarction, but if reversed a woman can also reach a super intense orgasm through cunnilingus.

Another aspect that makes it a very interesting oral sex posture is that it allows both partners to maintain direct visual contact. This eye contact will without a doubt form a more exciting and intense experience for everyone involved!

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Sex Position: 42 - Sex positions: for both men and women

The best Sex Positions

It is important to remember that the best sex position will depend on the partners engaged in the act. Everyone is different and therefore everyone has their preferences. There are many different positions you can and explore to find out what you like.

These positions include: the medusa, doggy style, the amazon and more! The most important thing is to have fun, release any inhibitions and feel comfortable with your partner. We recommend speaking and voicing what you like and don't like and try new things!

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Sex Position: 42