How to Move During Sex

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Move During Sex

Rhythm plays a fundamental role in sex, so much so that if the couple fails to find a good rhythm, the sexual encounter is likely to be unpleasant. Although each person enjoys sex in their own way, the key is finding a good pace that generates pleasure for both partners. The following recommendations can be useful to discover how to move during sex and get maximum enjoyment.

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Steps to follow:

When you begin a new relationship, or if it's your first sexual experience, it can be difficult to get to know the person and feel comfortable together. It's quite natural that there's a period of adjustment for both partners. The important thing is to learn to understand your partner's body movements and to reach a midpoint in which you both fully enjoy sex. Learn from the other and open yourself up to also teaching what you know.

How to Move During Sex - Step 1

Sex takes two, so it's important that both take part. The first recommendation is that neither person remains still during sex, or penetration will be only half as enjoyable.

Imagine that sex is like dancing, and its success depends on both partners moving. Different sex positions usually do require one partner to move with greater intensity, but the important thing is that both partners work together.


There are many different movements that can be done in bed and it all depends on the position, but an important key to know if you're doing something well, is to pay attention to see if the other person also finds the experience pleasurable. This recommendation especially applies to women.

When a position causes pain or discomfort or if one partner doesn't feel adequate friction, it's very possible that the other partner isn't experiencing it to the fullest. The best position is one that allows both partners to participate, move comfortably and that results in pleasure for both.

How to Move During Sex - Step 3

Whichever movement you choose, pay special attention to the rhythm, because it will define the intensity of foreplay.

There are times when you want to do it quickly and very intensely, then, move your hips back and forth to the rhythm. It's not necessary to take the penis out, if it's inside the vagina it can also create huge pleasure with this movement.

Others prefer slow sex, this is best done combining small hip thrusts and circular movements, making sure you are applying pressure on the penis.

Sometimes we like a little of both. Like starting slowly and then going faster and deeper penetrations that lead to climax.

What's important is that both partners have the same rhythm, and if you feel that it's too slow or too fast, tell your partner in a kind way. Sex is also a way to communicate with your partner.


At first, you may be uncomfortable, but the more you have sex together, the sexual rapport grows, making everything easier and more comfortable. You begin to understand how to move during sex with that person and the sex becomes more pleasant.

However, never be afraid to try different movements and if there's something you want to try and you'd like your partner to do to you, don't be shy and just say it! It can be a great experience for both. You can even try the wildest kamasutra positions and combine movements.

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  • It's important not to move your whole body and focus on moving your hips.

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How to Move During Sex
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How to Move During Sex

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