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8 Mistakes Women Make in Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 28, 2017
8 Mistakes Women Make in Bed

Sexual compatibility depends on many factors and not just the attraction that we feel for one person. Part of good sex is finding a person that pleases us and whom we can please well, but we know this is not easy, and like us they also have their preferences. There are things that men enjoy and others that they simply cannot stand, do you know what they are? At oneHOWTO we explain the 8 mistakes women make in bed so pay attention!

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Expecting him to do everything

Women who feel that sex is a taboo subject and who have not had much experience in sex, tend to believe that a man has to do everything in bed and they should be limited to receiving only. Sex takes two, so remember that everything you enjoy, he also likes: kisses, caressing, masturbation, oral sex, etc. Expecting him to do everything is a big mistake that will eventually bore him. Remember men have several erogenous zones and that you should play with all of them, knowing how to follow every one of his reaction.

Giving oral sex unwilling or with disgust

Women tend to enjoy oral sex as much as men. This practice is extremely pleasurable for men, so that is why it is very important that you never feel forced or disgusted to do it, because your man will find it very easy to notice and will feel very discouraged. Foreplay is essential for men and it is a great mistake to see it as disgusting. This does not mean that you need to feel forced to do it, you should only go down on him when you feel like it, but if you're not sure how to enjoy it, find a way on finding it pleasurable such as doing a 69 or fantasizing about different things that will make the experience pleasurable for you both.

Using your teeth during oral sex

One of the 8 mistakes women make in bed that occurs the most often is not being careful enough during oral sex. Your teeth can cause great harm to your guy, just as sudden movements can be very irritating. Hide your teeth under your lips and, although you can play rough, remember you should exert the right amount of pressure on his penis.

8 Mistakes Women Make in Bed - Using your teeth during oral sex

Asking them to do it with the lights off

One thing is important to understand: if he goes to bed with you it is because he likes you. Feeling ashamed is normal but it is important to overcome your insecurities in order to maintain the sexy atmosphere and make sure that sex is pleasurable. Also, bear in mind that lots of men like chubby women. So one of the most common mistakes women make in bed is asking him/her to turn off the light, this is a typical mistake that makes you look like an insecure person and that will make your sexual encounter less enjoyable.

Talking about things that have nothing to do with sex

"Let's finish faster, I have to get up early tomorrow." "Did you lock the door?" Or any other phrase that has nothing to do with sex can kill the mood. Talking about certain subjects in bed is a very common mistake women make that tells your man that you are simply not interested in sex, or could be a sign that you are tired of him.

8 Mistakes Women Make in Bed - Talking about things that have nothing to do with sex

Stimulating his anus without his consent

Among the 8 mistakes men make in bed we can find penetrating the woman when she is not ready. This is similar to stimulating your man's anus without knowing whether he is ready or even wants it, let alone when he is about to climax. If you want to do it or are curious about it, it is best to ask first. You can also make your way by caressing areas close to his buttocks to see if he's fine with it or he quickly moves away, it's a more subtle tactic to know if he'll be fine with it.

Complaining about your body during sex

This point is similar to turning the light off during sex and can be just as annoying for them. Again if he is sleeping with you it is because he likes your body and gets aroused by it, so avoid complaining about it at an intimate moment such as during sex. When you are in the mood for sex, neither men or women will take notice of what you consider flaws, so pointing them out will not only make evident something that he or she hadn't noticed before, but will be a great turn off too.

Not trying to be sexy for him

When we have a partner is important to make an effort to get out of a sexual routine. He would also like to see that you care about satisfying him by occasionally wearing provocative lingerie, sexy pajamas or betting on some foreplay. This does not mean you have to act in a classic sexy way, this means that, once you know what turns your partner on, satisfying his or her fantasies is the best way to keep passion alive. If you always do sex in the same way, wear the same underwear, if you never dress yourself up to seduce him/her or do something new, he or she will eventually get bored.

8 Mistakes Women Make in Bed - Not trying to be sexy for him

These are the common 8 mistakes women make in bed, but at oneHOWTO we will leave you with one more: always asking him to cuddle. Don't always expect him to tell you how much he loves you or to cuddle for hours after sex. Also don't moan at him for his "lack of affection"; just after having sex or you could completely ruin a beautiful moment of intimacy.

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8 Mistakes Women Make in Bed