8 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
8 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed

When we refer to good sex, there are many elements that come into play. It is not always easy to know why sex is good with someone, however it is much easier to identify the things that we do not like in bed. With experience we get to know our bodies and understand what we dislike, but men often do not know that some things can be annoying. At we explain 8 most common mistakes men make in bed that women dislike. Boys, listen up!

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Steps to follow:

Skipping foreplay

The next time you skip foreplay remember this: the sexual response of a woman is very different than that of a man. We need more to excite us, so foreplay is very important to lubricate and improve readiness for sex. Skipping this and starting penetration is one of the worst mistakes of men in bed, because it will be very difficult to please your girl.

8 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed - Step 1

Masturbating too violently

Remember that the clitoris is an extremely sensitive area and stimulating it violently can make your girl completely disconnect from the pleasure. Nor is it advisable to insert your finger very aggressively because it is uncomfortable.


Biting, sucking or stimulating the nipple too hard

Boys, nipples are not radio buttons and they are not a piece of plastic without sensitivity. Both for you and for us breast stimulation is very pleasant, but it must be done delicately, otherwise it can be uncomfortable and painful. Please do not make this mistake in bed.


Vaginally or anally penetrating the woman before she is ready

Never penetrate a girl without knowing if she is already sufficiently excited and ready for action. This only shows that the only thing you care about is your own pleasure and that you care very little about pleasing her. And don't attempt vaginal penetration before she agrees and is ready to do it.

Remember that sex is an experience for both and both should enjoy it to the fullest.


Staying too long in one zone

The female body is composed of several erogenous zones. Why not explore all of them seductively instead of staying in one place for hours? She will thank you.

8 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed - Step 5

Holding her head when she gives you oral sex

If women could vote on the things that men do in bed that they hate, this would surely be on the top of the list. If your girl enjoys giving you oral sex, there is no need for you to hold her head and force her to go deeper, this is very unpleasant for girls and can be very annoying, so avoid it.


Ejaculating on her without knowing if she likes it

Many men enjoy ejaculating on any part of a girl's body. There is nothing wrong with this as long as she agrees. If you do not want to have a sexual encounter that ends badly or bothers your girl, avoid ejaculating in any area of her body without permission.


Sleeping immediately after sex

Not all women know that sex effectively regulates sleep for men, so most guys sleep soundly afterwards. But before doing so give her a hug, make her feel loved, share a moment at her side, and then fall asleep. She will thank you.

8 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed - Step 8

In addition to these 8 mistakes men make in bed, we leave you with one more tip: women hate guys with poor hygiene. Remember to prepare for intimacy by following some hygiene rules. This way the sex will be much more enjoyable.

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8 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed
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8 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed

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