What men want in bed

What Do Men Really Want In Bed?

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: June 18, 2018
What Do Men Really Want In Bed?

Most of us women look for the perfect moment when we make love to our man, especially if it’s our first sexual encounter. We worry about those small details like make-up or disguising some extra pounds in order to feel sexier. Funny thing is, these things that we most often think about as women, often goes unnoticed by men during sex.

Do you want to know what men think or care about when they make love? Keep reading this oneHOWTO article to know what is important to men and what men really want in bed.

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  1. Your confidence and security in bed
  2. Does a man like when a woman takes initiative in bed?
  3. Be confident in bed
  4. How to move in bed
  5. Eye contact while making love
  6. Moaning in bed
  7. Shave and wear lingerie

Your confidence and security in bed

Most men concern themselves more about whether their woman is comfortable and transmits security in bed. That is, they like women who feel safe enough to not have taboos in bed, nor to be embarrassed or shy. On the other hand, if you are insecure or you seem uncomfortable with your man, it will make them feel like they are not giving you a safe space to explore your sexuality with them comfortably.

This does not mean that you should stop being what you are, but if you do not feel very safe with your man, this will affect the entire sexual experience. Sex needs to be an open environment where you both feel open and secure enough to explore each other. If you feel that this is not present, we consider talking to your man about what you feel comfortable with or don’t. transparency is important, people are not mind-readers.

What Do Men Really Want In Bed? - Your confidence and security in bed

Does a man like when a woman takes initiative in bed?

It’s a common idea that men always have to take the initiative in bed. Contrary to popular belief, men love when women choose to take this role. Show him you have the same interest and desire in bed that he does, so that you become equals. Surprise him and initiate making love when he least expects it, he’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised.

Be confident in bed

Another thing that excites men during sex is to notice that you feel perfect and comfortable with yourself. That is, a desirable woman is one who is comfortable with her figure, despite what that figure may look like.

Remember, if a man is having sex with you or likes you it is because of you and all of you. In fact, they probably love the things you which you are normally self-conscious about because they see you from an outside perspective. If you are confident within yourself, it will make for a confident and open atmosphere where sex can be enjoyed to its full capacity.

What Do Men Really Want In Bed? - Be confident in bed

How to move in bed

If there is something that doesn’t excite a man, it is getting in bed with a woman who is stiff, uncomfortable and doesn't move. On the other hand, if you move in a sensual and uninhibited way and he notice that his caresses are giving you a lot of pleasure, the situation will heat up immediately.

It is not about making forced or over-acted movements, but about him realizing that you want to feel his body against yours, and feel comfortable enough to do so.

Eye contact while making love

There is a common myth that men do not like to look in the eyes of the woman with whom they are making love, and this couldn’t be more incorrect. Men love making eye contact during sex or while they are making love. So if you want to drive him crazy, look into his eyes. This daring look during intimate moments will excite your man. Remember, this is not only during penetration, but also during caressing and/or oral sex.

What Do Men Really Want In Bed? - Eye contact while making love

Moaning in bed

If there is really something that excites men, it is knowing that they are giving you maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. And the clearest way of them knowing this is through breathing and/or moaning. It's not about faking an orgasm or moaning like an adult movie star, but if you're really enjoying what he’s doing in bed, do not police your natural physical reactions.

Shave and wear lingerie

This section is very dependent on your man. Many men like hair in the pubic area while others like to have their partner shaved. Speak to your man and find out what he likes.

In addition, don’t forget lingerie. Lingerie doesn’t only hold a mysterious and sexual significance for men, but is also know to make women feel more confident and sexy.

All of the above however do depend on your man. Some men prefer their women to be in pyjamas, other prefer a more conventional form of sexy. Some men prefer that the woman wears what she believes to be more sexy. The more transparent you are with each other the better!

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What Do Men Really Want In Bed?